A Good Day To Be A Dog — K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

In the second episode of the K-drama series A Good Day To Be A Dog, we are taken on a journey through time and emotions. The episode begins with a captivating flashback to the Joseon era, where we witness the complex relationship between Seo-won, the king, and Hae-na, a maid in the palace. As the story unfolds, we witness the challenges that the characters face and the unexpected plot twists that leave us eagerly anticipating the next episode.

A Flashback to the Joseon Era

The second episode starts with a mesmerizing flashback to the Joseon era, adding depth and historical context to the storyline. We learn that Seo-won, the king, is romantically involved with Hae-na, a maid in the palace. However, Seo-won is embarrassed by his fear of dogs and worries that Hae-na may have seen him trying to escape from a small puppy.

Seo-won’s Platonic Date

At work, Seo-won approaches Bo-kyum and asks him to go on a platonic date to repay him for the trouble he caused the night before. Bo-kyum privately apologizes to Hae-na for dining and dashing the previous evening due to an emergency. Feeling dejected, Hae-na decides to go back home, assuming that Seo-won was trying to avoid her. Meanwhile, Bo-kyum and Miss Han go out for drinks, and Bo-kyum sends a picture to Hae-na, unintentionally causing misunderstandings.

Hae-na’s Insecurity and Confessions

That night, Hae-na engages in a conversation with her friends, Yu-na and Woo-taek, about Seo-won’s fear of dogs. However, the situation takes a dark turn when the boys accuse Hae-na of harassment and threaten her with sexual assault. This disturbing encounter leaves Hae-na feeling unsettled and vulnerable.

Seo-won’s Sweet Gesture

In an attempt to lift Hae-na’s spirits, Seo-won prepares a homemade dessert and places it on her desk. He quietly observes her from afar, finding solace in seeing her enjoy his kind gesture. Later, Seo-won discovers Hae-na sitting alone in the school park and decides to join her. Hae-na appreciates Seo-won’s understanding of her difficult situation and tells him that he doesn’t need to explain his reasons for avoiding her. Their conversation takes a lighthearted turn as Hae-na asks Seo-won about his skills in cracking the code during the escape room challenge.

Unexpected Encounters and Plot Twists

Back in the present time, Hae-na ends her day earlier than usual and gets ready for bed. Seo-won takes a different route home, setting the stage for more surprises. Meanwhile, at Garam High School, a new development occurs when Yool, a student, encounters the three boys who were caught smoking at a convenience store. A fight breaks out, and Hae-na is notified as Yool’s guardian, resulting in her being called to the police station.

After resolving the situation, Hae-na offers to drop Yool home. During their interaction, Yool witnesses an astonishing transformation – Hae-na turns into a dog. Overwhelmed by the mysterious events, Yool falls asleep, and the episode concludes with the unexpected revelation that Seo-won is Yool’s uncle.


The second episode of A Good Day To Be A Dog continues to captivate viewers with a mix of historical elements, character development, and unexpected plot twists. This K-drama keeps the audience on their toes, eagerly waiting to see how the complex relationships and supernatural events unfold in subsequent episodes. With its engaging storyline, relatable characters, and surprising revelations, A Good Day To Be A Dog is sure to keep fans hooked from beginning to end.

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