A Good Day To Be A Dog – K-drama Episode 1 Recap & Review


“A Good Day To Be A Dog” is a popular Korean drama, also known as K-drama, that has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. In this article, we will dive into the first episode of this captivating series and provide a detailed recap and review. Brace yourself for an exciting journey filled with mystery, romance, and adorable furry friends.

The Secret Unveiled

The episode kicks off by introducing us to Han Hae-na, a young girl who discovers a shocking family secret. Hae-na’s sister reveals that their family carries a peculiar curse, which is yet to be fully understood. Intrigued by this revelation, we are instantly drawn into the storyline.

BUKC – Breaking Up Kissing Couples

Hae-na’s peers at school have nicknamed her “BUKC – Breaking Up Kissing Couples” due to her persistent efforts to prevent students from getting too intimate during class. At lunchtime, Hae-na’s colleague and friend Ji-a, played by the charismatic Park Seo-joon, expresses curiosity about her disapproval of public displays of affection. Ji-a tries to apologize for any misunderstandings, but Hae-na can’t help but feel puzzled by his sudden coldness.

A Fateful Encounter

After work, Hae-na and Ji-a, accompanied by their colleagues Bo-kyum and Seo-won, stumble upon a pet shelter. They witness the pure love and enthusiasm Bo-kyum has for dogs, while Seo-won maintains his distance and urges the group to move along hastily. Hae-na finds herself caught off guard by Seo-won’s behavior, but they continue with their plans for the evening.

Uncovering the Curse

As the night progresses, Hae-na’s frustration reaches its peak, leading her to consume alcohol in an attempt to numb her emotions. Suddenly, she has a moment of clarity and remembers a pivotal detail – she has only one minute for the curse to take effect. Determined to reverse her fate, Hae-na sprints towards her house before the clock strikes midnight.

A Race Against Time

Inside her home, Hae-na’s sister Yu-na reveals that she will transform back into a human at dawn, marking the end of her time as a dog. Yu-na also discloses that Hae-na has precisely 100 days to break the curse; otherwise, she will forever remain a dog. Amidst the chaos, Hae-na notices Bo-kyum’s presence and implores him to keep the events of the previous night a secret between them.

Seeking Redemption

Realizing that Seo-won has been avoiding her throughout their time together at the school, Hae-na decides to confront him and apologize. In a desperate attempt to break the curse, Hae-na proposes an unconventional solution – kissing Seo-won while she is in her dog form. She emotionally blackmails him by recounting the tragic tale of her uncle, who was unable to break his curse and suffered for two decades in dog form until his imminent death.

A Startling Revelation

As the clock nears midnight, Hae-na abruptly leaves the diner without uttering a word, driven by her determination to break the curse. Mysterious hints throughout the episode suggest that Bo-kyum might hold crucial answers from the past, adding an intriguing layer to the narrative. The parallel between past and present dynamics poses an interesting question that leaves us eagerly awaiting the next episode.


The first episode of “A Good Day To Be A Dog” sets the stage for a captivating story filled with enchantment, romance, and the timeless battle between fate and free will. Hae-na’s transformation into a lovable canine adds an element of whimsy and wonder to the series. The episode’s perplexing revelations and bursts of emotion successfully engage viewers, building anticipation for the upcoming episodes.

If you’re a fan of K-dramas or simply enjoy heartwarming and thought-provoking storytelling, “A Good Day To Be A Dog” is a must-watch. Stay tuned for more recaps and reviews as we embark on this enthralling journey together.

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