Venus in The Sky (Thai BL) – Episode 6 Recap & Review

In the sixth episode of the hit Thai BL series, “Venus in The Sky,” we witness the intricacies of prioritizing, trusting, and relying on your partner. The episode begins with Sky diligently preparing for his day at work, but little does he know that this routine will take an unexpected turn.

As Sky gets ready, he sends a text to Venus, expressing his desire to see him every morning. He even waves at Venus from outside before driving to work. Sky’s affectionate gestures showcase his commitment and longing for their relationship to flourish. However, Sky also fears becoming a burden to Venus and ardently pleads with him not to find him annoying.

Meanwhile, Tonkla confides in a friend about the lack of communication between him and Tong. Tong’s demanding schedule has left little time for them to connect deeply and meaningfully. Feeling overwhelmed by the strain on their relationship, Tonkla admits to having arguments with Tong because he doesn’t want Tong to exert himself just to see him. Doubts linger in Tonkla’s mind as he questions the strength of their love and fears that Tong may be growing weary of him.

Tong pays a visit to Tonkla, hoping to bridge the gap that has been widening between them. Their encounter provides a glimmer of hope for their strained relationship, hinting at the possibility of finding common ground and reigniting the spark they once had.

On the other side, Janus continues to shut Bomb out whenever he tries to lend a helping hand. Bomb’s willingness to assist Janus with his work reflects his devotion and concern for his partner’s well-being. However, Janus, harboring his own emotional struggles, withdraws from Bomb’s genuine efforts. Their disjointed connection underscores the challenges faced when trust becomes compromised.

Venus, ever the dutiful partner, eagerly engages Sky in a conversation about design, wanting to contribute and be involved in his world. However, Sky’s preoccupation with work frustrates him, causing a minor rift between them. Tong, in his vulnerable state fueled by alcohol, candidly expresses his frustrations. The question lingers: Does Tonkla truly care about him?

Amidst the emotional turmoil, Sky secretly snaps a photo and sends it to Tonkla, indicating the location where they can find him. Sky’s desperate act stems from his insecurity, wondering if Tonkla still finds him attractive. He yearns for reassurance and desires to let his guard down, especially in the presence of Bomb, whom he wishes to lean on for support.

A brief moment unfolds as someone else tries to occupy the seat next to Sky, but he claims it as reserved for his boyfriend. This simple gesture embodies Sky’s unwavering devotion and loyalty to his partner, despite the challenges they face. With Sky’s work overwhelming him, he entrusts Venus with the responsibility of overseeing the workers and furniture delivery in his absence.

At the hospital, Sky grabs Venus’ attention and pulls him aside to inquire about his thoughts on Day. An answer from Venus is crucial for Sky to regain his focus at work. Sky wrestles with his emotions, seeking validation and seeking affirmation in their burgeoning relationship.

In a parallel storyline, Bomb reaches out to Janus, offering comfort and reminding him that he is not alone. Bomb emphasizes the importance of trust, urging Janus to confide in him more and lean on him during tough times. Their interaction highlights the significance of trust and communication in building a strong foundation for any relationship.

In conclusion, episode 6 of “Venus in The Sky” delves into the complexities of prioritizing, trusting, and relying on one’s partner. Through the characters’ journeys, we witness the challenges faced when doubts arise, communication breaks down, and trust falters. The episode serves as a poignant reminder that relationships require constant effort, understanding, and open communication to thrive.

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