Under Ninja – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

In the second episode of Under Ninja, the storyline takes a twist with the face-off between Kuro and a member from HLW’s Rear-Enders. The episode introduces new characters and dives deeper into the confusion of the plot. This recap and review will explore the key moments and analyze the comedic elements that make this episode unique.

The Face-off and the Warning

The episode begins with Kuro confronting a member of HLW’s Rear-Enders. He warns her that she has been tagged and is at risk of being fired upon by a satellite. This action-packed scene sets the tone for the episode and grabs the audience’s attention.

The scene then shifts to a foreigner who is searching for a ninja. In the park, a character named Sasama, also known as Mr. Breast Milk, offers breast milk to children. However, a poster warns against urinating on the wall, stating that doing so will result in a severe punishment. Meanwhile, an associate kills a man accidentally while being on a call. He is motivated by the desire to save his daughter.

The Drone and the Ninja Encounter

Later that day, Oono shares with the group that he saw a drone flying away with Kawado’s bra on the night his beer went missing. In a bizarre turn of events, the foreigner attempts to cut off Oono’s male organ, but Sasama comes to the rescue and defends him. Chaos ensues, and Sasama manages to escape.

On the same day, Kato interrupts Kuro while he is wearing a bra. Kato informs Kuro about the Nerima Slasher and offers him a job to eliminate this mysterious figure. This conversation adds intrigue to the storyline, creating a sense of mystery and danger.

Foreigner and the Shrine

Two days later, a little girl searches for the foreigner. She encounters Sasama, who strikes up a conversation and offers her breast milk. However, the girl quickly runs away and finds the foreigner hiding beneath a shrine. Kato responds with a simple “UN,” leaving the audience curious about the significance of this encounter.

Episode Review

Under Ninja – Season 1 Episode 2 continues the perplexing nature of the storyline by constantly jumping back and forth in time. While this approach adds to the overall mysterious atmosphere, it can also be confusing for some viewers. The episode, unfortunately, doesn’t provide enough context to connect all the dots.

One notable aspect of the episode is its absurd and comedic elements. The scene where Kuro is seen wearing a bra may be appealing to a certain audience or intended to add a touch of humor. These unexpected moments keep the viewers engaged and wondering what will happen next.


In conclusion, Under Ninja – Season 1 Episode 2 presents a mix of confusion and comedy. The face-off between Kuro and the member from HLW’s Rear-Enders sets the stage for a thrilling episode. The introduction of new characters and the multiple storylines contribute to the overall perplexity of the plot. While the episode leaves some questions unanswered, it keeps the audience entertained and eager to continue watching.

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