Undead Unluck – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

In the second episode of Undead Unluck, the plot thickens as Fuuko and Andy face new challenges and learn more about the mysterious Union and its Negators. Fuuko’s plan to protect themselves leads to a thrilling battle, showcasing Andy’s unique abilities. This recap and review will delve into the key moments of the episode and give insights into the characters and their development.

The Unlucky Encounter

The episode kicks off with Fuuko desperately searching for a way to avoid losing her virginity to Andy, which becomes the starting point of an unexpected and entertaining conversation. Fuuko recounts an uncomfortable experience of kissing her grandfather to explain her immunity towards Andy’s “unluck.” She reveals that her disliking towards someone or a situation weakens Andy’s ability to transfer misfortune.

The Threat of Negators

Andy, ever protective of Fuuko, equips her with an impenetrable vest and enlightens her about the Negators – a dangerous group hunting them down. He shares his own experience of battling them fifty years ago, emphasizing their strength and the need to escape whenever possible. Andy’s concern for their safety is evident as he and Fuuko head towards their next destination.

The Robot Union Member

A formidable challenge awaits Andy and Fuuko as they encounter a robot union member who restricts Andy’s movements. Fuuko notices that the robot’s blue-haired companion is responsible for this interference. Andy realizes that even if they defeat this robot, the Union will send more Negators after them. However, inspired by Fuuko’s ingenuity, Andy devises a new plan to eliminate their pursuers and create opportunities for themselves.

Andy’s Special Abilities

Andy’s regenerative capabilities and his unique attack, known as “Parts Bullet,” come into play during the intense battle with the robot named Void. Despite their initial struggle, Andy manages to defeat Void, displaying his remarkable combat skills. However, when faced with Shen, Andy finds it challenging to gain the upper hand, leaving both him and Fuuko in a dangerous predicament.

Shen’s Offer

As tensions rise, Shen, the enigmatic character in this episode, intervenes and offers a solution to Andy and Fuuko’s problems. He laughs, seemingly enjoying the chaos, and proposes a deal. Shen promises to speak on their behalf and vouch for them if they agree to fulfill his request. Recognizing they need all the support they can get, Andy and Fuuko cautiously consider Shen’s proposal, realizing they cannot afford to make reckless decisions.

Episode Review

Undead Unluck Episode 2 continues the thrilling momentum established in the first episode. It provides further insight into the Union and the Negators, expanding the scope of the story. Andy’s strategic thinking and combat prowess impress, as he showcases his abilities against the relentless attacks. The introduction of Shen adds an intriguing element, leaving viewers curious about his intentions and the dynamics he brings to the plot.


Undead Unluck Season 1 Episode 2 delivers another action-packed and captivating installment. The episode deepens the mystery surrounding the Union and introduces new allies and adversaries. With its engaging storyline and well-executed combat sequences, this episode leaves fans eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. Undead Unluck continues to be a series that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, blending elements of mystery, action, and supernatural abilities seamlessly. Don’t miss the next episode to uncover more secrets and adventures in this gripping anime series.

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