The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Something Is Bothering Gakuto

In the third episode of The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons, titled “Something Is Bothering Gakuto,” we delve deeper into the dynamics of the Yuzuki family. The episode begins with Gakuto, one of the four Yuzuki brothers, visiting the Kirishima household and engaging in a game with Kojiro Kirishima. As the episode progresses, we start to understand Gakuto’s concerns and the close bond between the Yuzuki and Kirishima families.

Gakuto highlights his qualms with the Kirishima household, expressing how it feels like a second home to the Yuzuki brothers. Despite the loss of their parents, Uta, Miinato, and Gakuto find solace and support within the Kirishima family. This reliance on each other becomes more evident as the story unfolds.

The episode takes us back to the time after the Yuzuki brothers lost their parents, where Hayato, Mikoto, and Minato reflect on Mr. Kirishima’s perception of them. Hayato, in particular, ponders about Mr. Kirishima’s thoughts and actions. Gakuto, concerned about Hayato staying up late, scolds him and the two eventually retire for the night.

In an interesting narrative technique, the episode interweaves flashbacks of people expressing their doubts about Hayato’s ability to care for his brothers alone. This adds complexity to the story, showcasing the challenges and responsibilities that Hayato faces. Mr. Kirishima, noticing Gakuto waiting outside, invites him into his house while they both wait for Hayato to return home from work.

Gakuto discovers a film that he enjoys and feels a sense of guilt for the loss of their parents. However, Kojiro advises Gakuto to focus on his youth and not to worry too much about the future. This advice resonates with Gakuto, and he convinces Hayato to allow him to visit Kojiro after kindergarten.

The episode climaxes with the gathering of the entire Kirishima and Yuzuki families to meet Kojiro and spend time together. The warmth and unity displayed between the two families leave a lasting impression. As the episode concludes, we witness the families bidding farewell to each other, signifying the strength of their bond.

Episode Review

Although Episode 3 may not have been as emotionally charged as the previous installment, it does provide viewers with valuable insights into Gakuto’s character. Unlike Minato’s qualms, Gakuto’s concerns and growth offer a fresh perspective on the Yuzuki family dynamics.

The relationship between Gakuto and Kojiro is heartwarming and logical within the context of the larger narrative. It highlights the importance of finding support and solace in unexpected places, even outside of one’s immediate family.

One poignant scene of the episode involves the belittling of Hayato by others who question his ability to care for his brothers. This adds depth to the story, shedding light on the challenges Hayato faces as the oldest sibling. It allows us to empathize with his struggles and understand the weight he carries.

Overall, Episode 3 of The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons is a solid contribution to the series. While it may not have reached the same emotional heights as previous episodes, it provides viewers with a deeper understanding of Gakuto’s character and the intricate dynamics between the Yuzuki and Kirishima families.

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