The Worst of Evil – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review


In episode 7 of the K-drama “The Worst of Evil,” we are introduced to new conflicts and developments that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Jong-ryul informs Gi-cheul about the impending trouble for Jun-mo, who is facing charges at the police station. The episode delves into the dynamics between the characters, revealing their motivations, suspicions, and hidden agendas.

Jong-ryul’s Request

Jong-ryul approaches Gi-cheul and expresses his concern for Jun-mo’s difficult situation at the police station. He emphasizes his own support and loyalty, stating that he deserves recognition from Gi-cheul. However, before making any decisions, Gi-cheul consults with Hee-sung and requests time to discuss the matter with Jung-bae.

Hae-ryeon’s Involvement

Concerned about Jun-mo’s integrity and doubting Jung-bae’s involvement in the drug cartel, Hee-sung seeks the help of the police. He provides them with information about Hae-ryeon’s connection to the drug trade and asks them to handle Jung-bae carefully. The story takes an intriguing turn as trust among the characters is tested.

Jun-mo’s Call to Hae-ryeon

The following morning, Jun-mo reaches out to Hae-ryeon, inviting her to join him on a tour she had previously requested. Meanwhile, Gi-cheul meets with an informant and instructs him to keep their conversation confidential. She comments on Jun-mo’s appearance, comparing him to a soldier rather than a gangster. Despite Jun-mo’s attempts to charm her, Gi-cheul remains cautious.

Arrests and Accusations

Later in the evening, the police apprehend Jung-bae for his involvement in drug trafficking, following Jun-mo’s request. They also raid Taeho Bar, leading to the arrest of several drug dealers and users, including local residents and celebrities. The tensions rise as Gi-cheul accuses Jung-bae of hiding money without her knowledge, resulting in a heated argument. Jung-bae redirects the blame towards Jun-mo, but Gi-cheul demands evidence to support the accusation.

Jun-mo’s Determination

Jun-mo approaches Gi-cheul and shares his commitment to ensuring a successful deal with the Chinese client. He asks her to accompany him for an hour, and they engage in a conversation on the rooftop of a building. Meanwhile, the informant attempts to escape from the roof, but Jun-mo pursues him.


“The Worst of Evil” continues its compelling narrative with each episode, leaving viewers eager for more. The developments in episode 7 shed light on the complexities of the characters and their relationships. One cannot help but ponder the transformation of Min-goo’s character, who turns aggressive and violent towards Jun-mo. Jun-mo’s own actions also raise questions as he flirts with Hae-ryeon despite his concerns about Eui-jeong and Gi-cheul’s friendship. The episode ends on a high note, leaving viewers longing for the next installment of the series.

Article Summary

Episode 7 of “The Worst of Evil” presents a captivating storyline, filled with suspense and intrigue. As the troubles escalate for Jun-mo, the other characters become involved in a web of suspicion and betrayal. The episode showcases the complexities of various relationships and introduces new challenges that keep audiences hooked. With each passing episode, the desire to uncover the truth and witness the resolution intensifies. Stay tuned for the next engrossing chapter of this thrilling K-drama.

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