The Worst of Evil – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

In the fifth episode of the gripping Korean drama series “The Worst of Evil,” tensions rise as the main characters face betrayal, ambushes, and secret missions. In this thrilling episode, Jun-mo and Gi-cheul find themselves in a dangerous situation, forcing them to fight for their lives. Meanwhile, new alliances are formed, and hidden agendas come to light. Join us as we delve into the exciting events of episode 5.

The Betrayal and Escape

The episode kicks off with Jun-mo valiantly defending Gi-cheul, holding a gun to protect him from assailants. Both men face off against a group of thugs, but Jun-mo’s efforts prove insufficient. A sword pierces through Jun-mo’s back, causing him immense pain. Luckily, Jong-ryul arrives just in time to aid Gi-cheul and Jun-mo in escaping the dangerous situation.

As Jun-mo is rushed to the hospital due to his severe injuries, Jong-ryul expresses her desire to be more actively involved in the mission. She wants to ensure her husband’s well-being and assist him in any way possible.

Suspicion and Investigation

With their planned “fishing” trip yielding no results, Kanemoto approaches Oyama to continue reaching out to Gi-cheul. Meanwhile, Gi-cheul confides in Kanemoto, revealing that he was being followed and ambushed during his attempt to collect an important order. Determined to uncover the traitor within his gang, Gi-cheul enlists Jong-ryul’s help in locating Kyung-jin. He intends to bring Kyung-jin to the men’s club for interrogation.

Jun-mo takes matters into his own hands and confronts the traitor, delivering a fierce beating. With the traitor dealt with, Gi-cheul gathers Hee-sung, Jung-bae, Jong-ryul, and Jun-mo (Seung-ho) to brief them on the upcoming order.

Unraveling Mysteries

On the other side of the story, Chang-sik discovers information about Professor Yoon Won-gil, a Korean resident who mysteriously disappeared after traveling to China. Concerned about a potential connection to their ongoing operation, the police seek assistance from their Chinese counterparts. A lookout is issued for Professor Yoon, who is suspected to be hiding in China.

The following morning, Eui-jeong contacts Gi-cheul, requesting a meeting the next day. Gi-cheul then informs Jung-bae and Hee-sung that he won’t be present to receive the order from China. Instead, he entrusts the responsibility to Seung-ho (Jun-mo). The news doesn’t sit well with the two men, as they worry about Gi-cheul’s growing trust in Jun-mo.

Trust and Confrontations

As Gi-cheul and Jun-mo enjoy a meal together, Jun-mo promises to visit Gi-cheul frequently to strengthen their newfound trust. However, when Jun-mo confesses his inability to gather information about the ongoing deal to his superior, Hae-ryeon, his frustrations begin to surface. Jun-mo urges the officers to expedite the operation so that he can return to his normal life, unknowingly catching the attention of Oyama.

Although Jun-mo remains unaware of Oyama’s true identity, his growing bond with Gi-cheul poses a potential challenge for the gang leader and his trusted allies.


In episode 5 of “The Worst of Evil,” the story takes a dark and intense turn as betrayals and ambushes threaten the characters’ lives. With Jun-mo’s loyalty to Gi-cheul tested, tensions arise within the gang. Meanwhile, the police’s investigation into a missing professor adds another layer of complexity to the plot. As the series progresses, audiences are left eagerly anticipating the next episode, wondering how the intricate web of secrets and loyalties will unravel.

Stay tuned for more thrilling episodes of “The Worst of Evil” as the drama unfolds.

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