The Fall of the House of Usher – Episode 6 “Goldbug” Recap & Review

In the sixth episode of “The Fall of the House of Usher,” titled “Goldbug,” we continue to delve deeper into the Usher family’s dark secrets and unravel the mysteries surrounding them. Tamerlane Usher, the protagonist of the show, is experiencing sleep deprivation and begins to see hallucinations, pushing her further into the depths of insanity. This recap and review will highlight the significant events and explore the developments in this gripping episode.

Tamerlane’s Sleep Deprivation and Hallucinations

Tamerlane Usher, played by the talented actress, encounters a new challenge in the form of severe sleep deprivation. As a result, she starts to experience vivid hallucinations, blurring the line between reality and her troubled mind. These hallucinations become increasingly distressing, causing her mental state to deteriorate rapidly.

The Shocking Discovery

In this episode, Tamerlane stumbles upon a hidden box filled with insects. The presence of these creepy crawlies adds an eerie element to the already unsettling atmosphere. The revelation of these insects raises questions about their significance and their connection to the Usher family’s haunting past.

The Mysterious Death of Verna Usher

Madeline, another key character in the series, learns about the untimely demise of Verna Usher, adding to the already tragic history of the Usher family. Madeline struggles to come to terms with the fact that Verna has met the same fate as the previous members of the Usher lineage. The discovery of Verna’s involvement in these deaths further complicates the plot and raises suspicions about her true intentions.

Juno’s Solitude and Lenore’s Concern

Juno, a minor character in the series, finds herself alone and isolated in this episode. Her solitude emphasizes the isolation and detached nature of the Usher family, contributing to the overall sinister ambiance of the show. Meanwhile, Lenore, another important character, approaches her grandfather, Roderick, to discuss the recent events. She seeks reassurance from Roderick, hoping to find solace and safety within the confines of the Usher estate.

Law Enforcement and the Investigation

Law enforcement officers make an appearance in the episode, arriving at the scene of the crime to gather crucial evidence. Their presence indicates a shift towards a more intense focus on the investigation into the Usher family’s tragedies. The introduction of these law enforcement characters raises anticipation and adds a layer of suspense to the narrative.

Pym’s Revelation

Pym, a character who has been accompanying Madeline throughout the series, stumbles upon a revelation about the Usher house’s history. He discovers that the house holds tremendous significance to Roderick, as it is his childhood home. Pym’s realization adds depth and historical context to the storyline, providing viewers with a glimpse into Roderick Usher’s past.

The Enigmatic Time Travel

In a surprising twist, the episode takes viewers on a journey back in time. This sudden shift in the narrative allows for a deeper exploration of the Usher family’s history and provides crucial insights into their troubled legacy. The time travel element adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to the overall plot, leaving viewers captivated and eager to learn more.

Tamerlane’s Haunting Hallucination

As Tamerlane prepares to take the stage in the midst of her deteriorating mental state, she experiences a haunting hallucination. Candy, also known as Verna, appears to Tamerlane in her hallucination, creating a disconcerting and unsettling moment. The mirrored reflections of Candy heighten the intensity, with Tamerlane breaking the mirrors in her desperation. The connection between Tamerlane’s hallucination and the reality of the TV show adds an intriguing depth to her character.

The Impact of the Episode

“Goldbug” leaves a lasting impression on the viewers due to its compelling storyline and intriguing developments. The episode skillfully blends elements of horror, mystery, and psychological turmoil, captivating the audience. The episode’s incorporation of the poem that inspired Tamerlane’s name resonates with its viewers, contributing to its appeal and memorability. The deaths of previous Usher family members, together with the ongoing investigation, create a sense of anticipation and excitement for the episodes to come.


In the sixth episode of “The Fall of the House of Usher,” titled “Goldbug,” the storyline continues to unravel the dark secrets of the Usher family. Tamerlane’s sleep deprivation and hallucinations contribute to her descent into madness, while the discovery of insects and the mysterious death of Verna Usher adds to the overall suspense. With the introduction of law enforcement officers and the revelation of the Usher house’s history, the narrative gains depth and complexity. The episode’s time travel twist and Tamerlane’s haunting hallucination further enhance its captivation and leave a lasting impression. As the series progresses, viewers eagerly anticipate the unraveling of the Usher family’s tragic past and the resolution of the mysteries that surround them.

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