The Fall of the House of Usher – Episode 5 “The Tell-Tale Heart” Recap & Review

In episode 5 of “The Fall of the House of Usher,” titled “The Tell-Tale Heart,” we are taken on a journey through the dark past of Roderick Usher. Attorney Auguste delves into Roderick’s history, unlocking secrets and unraveling the mysteries that haunt the Usher family. This recap and review will explore the significant events of the episode and analyze its captivating visuals.

Roderick’s Past Unveiled

The episode begins with Roderick recounting his past to attorney Auguste. On New Year’s Eve, Roderick engages in a conversation about the significance of ravens with Verna, a stranger he kissed at a bar. Intrigued by his behavior, Auguste questions Roderick about his marriage to Annabel in the present day, to which Roderick promises to reveal all the details at the right moment.

The Funeral and Recurring Hallucinations

All the living Ushers gather to attend a funeral, creating an eerie atmosphere. Shortly after, Roderick’s hallucinations resurface, causing visible distress. Madeline and his wife, Juno, guide Roderick out of the church as their parents observe silently from their seats. The funeral scene sets a tone of impending doom and further intensifies the underlying tension within the Usher family.

A Conversation Between Victorine, Tamerlane, and Frederick

Victorine, Tamerlane, and Frederick engage in a conversation where emotions run high. Tamerlane ultimately feels compelled to surrender to the circumstances, leading to a pivotal decision. This interaction highlights the internal conflicts and struggles within the Usher family, adding depth to their complex dynamics.

Heated Discussion and Flashbacks

The story then shifts to Victorine and Alessandra, who engage in a heated discussion. The narrative briefly flashes back in time, revealing Victorine’s vulnerability. Roderick’s behavior towards her and her brother becomes increasingly hostile. The use of music amplifies the tension as Victorine opens the door and is met with an unsettling request from Roderick to lower the volume. Both Victorine and Roderick begin to hear haunting sounds of ticking and beating, heightening the psychological turmoil.

Victorine’s Tragic Act

Returning to the present, Victorine’s psychosis reaches its breaking point, leading her to inflict harm upon herself in an attempt to provide her father with a functioning heart. Throughout the episode, Victorine serves as the narrator of “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Her portrayal in this role is extraordinary, delivering a mesmerizing performance that perfectly captures the essence of the story. This narrative choice adds depth and complexity to the overall plotline.

The Visual Brilliance

Just like previous episodes, “The Tell-Tale Heart” boasts visually stunning and eerie imagery. The visual execution of the episode leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. The chilling visuals effectively convey the dark and macabre atmosphere surrounding the Usher family and their haunting past.


Episode 5 of “The Fall of the House of Usher” takes us deeper into the enigmatic world of the Ushers, unraveling the secrets of their past. Roderick’s revelations, the funeral scene, intense conversations, and the tragic act of Victorine all contribute to the intrigue and suspense that define the series. The captivating visuals further enhance the dark and foreboding atmosphere, ensuring an immersive experience for the viewers. As the story unfolds, the mysteries surrounding the House of Usher continue to enthrall, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next episode.

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