The Fall of the House of Usher – Episode 4 “The Black Cat” Recap & Review

In the fourth episode of “The Fall of the House of Usher,” titled “The Black Cat,” the storyline takes an intriguing turn as Napoleon Usher embarks on a quest to find a replacement for his beloved black cat, Pluto. However, the events that unfold prove to be both mysterious and disturbing. In this episode, we witness the unraveling of Napoleon’s sanity and the introduction of various fascinating characters. Let’s dive deeper into the recap and review of this gripping episode.

A Mysterious Death and Blurry Images

The episode begins with Napoleon Usher returning home to devastating news: the death of Camille, someone who held significance in Napoleon’s life. Meanwhile, the Ushers and Pym discover a blurry image captured by Verna’s tape, where she had posed as a member of the security staff at the hospital. Alongside this discovery, they also notice some intriguing graffiti. The puzzle pieces start to come together as the plot thickens.

Deception and Drugs

As the episode progresses, we encounter Victorine, who meets Verna while disguised as a heart patient. It becomes evident that there is a web of deception woven around the characters. Julius, one of Napoleon’s associates, suspects that Napoleon is abusing drugs, leading him to exhibit neurotic behavior. These actions disturb attorney Auguste, who is closely observing Napoleon’s actions.

Flashbacks and Unveiling Secrets

The show takes us back in time to explore the beginnings of Auguste and Roderick’s friendship. This flashback provides insight into their relationship and acts as a crucial juncture in the storyline. Auguste visits Roderick’s house in search of further evidence against a pharmaceutical firm, leaving Roderick with his business card.

Manipulations and Hidden Motives

Madeline, a character of importance, advises Roderick to get close to his boss, aiming to gain leverage against him. Roderick follows her advice, intending to turn the tables on his superior. As the plot progresses, Napoleon faces difficulties in finding the replacement black cat but enlists the assistance of Verna. This leads to a surprising turn of events where Napoleon uses a hammer to break through walls in his apartment to reach the cat with the intention of killing it.

Symbolism and Mythological References

One intriguing aspect of the episode is the symbolism and references to Greek mythology. Napoleon, the narrator of Poe’s “The Black Cat” short story, exhibits signs of descending into madness. The black cat, Pluto, representing the god Hades from Greek mythology, adds a layer of mystique to the storyline. It is in line with Poe’s works that frequently explore characters delving deeper into insanity.

Absence and Presence of Characters

Another notable element inspired by Poe’s writing is the limited presence of Madeline in the present timeline. Although she is an important character in both the show and this particular episode, her role remains distant, adding an air of mystery to her character. Meanwhile, Verna emerges as a significant character, playing a pivotal role in the narrative.


Episode 4 of “The Fall of the House of Usher,” titled “The Black Cat,” takes viewers on a thrilling journey through deception, manipulation, and the descent into madness. The episode incorporates various elements from Edgar Allan Poe’s works, adding depth and intrigue to the storyline. With engaging characters and unexpected plot twists, “The Black Cat” successfully delivers an enthralling viewing experience. As the series progresses, viewers are left eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this captivating tale.

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