The Escape of the Seven – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

In episode 9 of the gripping K-Drama series “The Escape of the Seven,” the plot takes several unexpected twists and turns. As the story unfolds, viewers are left with questions about the mysterious death of Bang Da-mi and the true identity of Sim Jun-seok, also known as K. In this recap and review, we will delve into the intriguing events of this episode and attempt to unravel the secrets that lie beneath.

Bang Da-mi’s Mysterious Death

One of the central mysteries of this episode revolves around the death of Bang Da-mi. Do-hyuk contacts Ki-tak and urges him to leave before they are discovered. A sense of urgency fills the air as the police arrive at the scene, forcing them to make a hasty escape. Meanwhile, Mathew Lee, deeply affected by the news, finds himself in a state of inconsolable grief.

According to Do-hyuk, Chairman Bang insisted on going to Gagok District because he was invited by Sim Jun-seok. However, Do-hyuk shares a startling revelation about Sim Jun-seok – describing him as a respectable person on the surface but a terrifying monster underneath. The Chairman’s fear of Sim Jun-seok hints at a deeper, darker secret that is yet to be uncovered.

The Identity of Sim Jun-seok

As the episode progresses, the plot thickens with the revelation that Lee Hwi-so committed suicide at the location where Bang Da-mi’s remains were found. It becomes apparent that Sim Jun-seok, also known as K, is responsible for Da-mi’s death. The motive behind this act was to protect himself and keep the secret hidden – the secret that Sim Jun-seok is K.

Mathew Lee’s Discovery

Mathew Lee, who believes that Sungchan Group is closely monitoring K, shares his belief that TIKITAKA holds the key to unraveling the truth behind Da-mi’s fate. His determination to uncover the puzzle piece by piece leads him to a breakthrough. With his newfound knowledge of K’s identity, Mathew Lee realizes that the puzzle is finally complete.

K’s Cunning Move

Amidst the chaos, K makes a calculated move. While waiting for Hang Man-du to pick up Da-mi, K incapacitates Yong-joo and abducts her. The taxi driver aids K’s escape. At the same time, they reach out to Mo-ne, informing her of their arrival with the tickets she had sent. The intricacies of K’s plan begin to unfold, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Ki-tak’s Loyalty

In a separate storyline, Jin-mo expresses his curiosity to La-hui regarding Ki-tak’s whereabouts. La-hui remains confident that Ki-tak will approach her soon, emphasizing that he has never left her side. True to her words, Ki-tak is seen outside La-hui’s house, intently watching over her, even in the rain.

Song Ji-a’s Alarming Revelation

Later, Ji-a contacts Mo-ne with alarming news. The details of this revelation are yet to unfold, leaving viewers anxiously waiting for the next episode to see how it unravels. The suspense surrounding Ji-a’s revelation adds layers of complexity to the already engaging plot.

Unmasking the Truth

Back at Mathew Lee’s house, tension runs high as his guests try to provide explanations for a video that seems to have been created using deep fake technology. The authenticity of the video raises suspicion and prompts further investigation into the truth. As the episode progresses, the characters find themselves signing contracts, unaware of the impending storm.

La-hui, however, takes this opportunity to inform them about Song Ji-a’s threat to expose Mo-ne’s past. This revelation leaves the audience questioning the motives and intentions of Song Ji-a. With the fate of the characters hanging in the balance, the anticipation for the next episode builds even further.


Episode 9 of “The Escape of the Seven” delivers an enthralling mix of mystery, suspense, and unexpected twists. The death of Bang Da-mi, the revelation of K’s true identity, and the various character developments leave viewers eagerly awaiting the next episode. As the puzzle pieces slowly come together, the show continues to captivate audiences with its intricate plot and engaging storytelling.

Stay tuned for the next installment, where the truth behind Song Ji-a’s threat and the ultimate fate of our beloved characters will hopefully be revealed.

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