The Changeling – Season 1 Episode 8 “Battle of the Island” Recap & Review

Welcome to a recap and review of the eighth and final episode of “The Changeling” Season 1, titled “Battle of the Island.” In this episode, the story reaches its climax, offering a glimpse of resolution while leaving some questions unanswered. Join us as we delve into the key events and discuss the impact of the finale.

The Unusual Montage

The episode begins with an unexpected montage that showcases the highlights of the entire series. This montage serves as a reminder of the journey we have been on and sets the stage for the finale. It concludes with a prologue from the very first episode, sparking a sense of nostalgia and anticipation for what is to come.

Cal’s Sorrow and the Boat Escape

In this episode, we witness Cal, still alive, mourning the loss of Gretta, who sacrificed herself to protect the children. Cal and another character, Apollo, find themselves falling to the ground with a thud. While the community plans to escape on a mid-sized boat, Cal refuses to let Apollo board. Fortunately, Apollo narrowly misses being left behind as the boat departs.

Confronting KG and the Creature

As the battle intensifies, Cal shoots KG, who stands near a cliff, issuing commands to the menacing creature. This act not only brings a temporary halt to KG’s antics but also results in Cal’s own demise. As Cal’s lifeless body falls to the ground, Apollo gazes into the sky and witnesses movement among the stars, hinting at a reunion with her son.

The Creature’s Final Act

As the camera pans to KG, we witness a spine-chilling scene. The creature awakens from its slumber and drags KG back into the depths of the forest. This unsettling moment serves as a reminder of the unknown and mysterious origins of the creature, which unfortunately are never explored in the show. It leaves viewers with a sense of intrigue and curiosity about its backstory.

The Disappointing Finale

Unfortunately, the finale of “The Changeling” leaves much to be desired. Viewers were hoping for answers, a glimpse into the creature’s origins, or some insight into KG and his community of men. However, the truncated runtime of the episode comes as a surprise, leaving little room for substantial revelations. The lack of clarity and ambiguity in the final scenes makes it easy to lose track of the plot and miss crucial details.

A Question of Lighting and Random Occurrences

One of the criticisms of the episode revolves around the lighting and the seemingly random events unfolding without proper explanation. The scenes appear poorly lit, making it challenging to discern important details. Additionally, the narrative feels disjointed, with events happening without apparent justification or connection. This lack of cohesion adds to the overall confusion and dissatisfaction with the conclusion.

Feelings of Betrayal and Disappointment

If you find yourself feeling bitter or betrayed by the finale, you are not alone. The hasty culmination of the series and the unresolved questions can leave viewers wanting more. The arbitrary nature of the new content introduced in the episode only adds to the perplexity. It is natural to crave a satisfying conclusion to a story that has captured our attention, and in this regard, the finale of “The Changeling” falls short.


In conclusion, the Season 1 finale of “The Changeling,” titled “Battle of the Island,” does little to offer closure or provide answers to the lingering questions raised throughout the series. The unusual montage, Cal’s sorrow, the boat escape, the confrontation with KG, and the creature’s final act all contribute to a gripping and suspenseful episode. However, the lack of exposition and the ambiguous nature of the final scenes leave viewers wanting more. As we bid farewell to “The Changeling,” we can’t help but wonder about the untold tales and secrets that will forever remain a mystery.

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