The Apothecary Diaries – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

In episode 2 of The Apothecary Diaries, the story picks up where the previous chapter left off, with soldiers falling victim to poison in their food. Jinshi, a man who is aware of this matter, informs Jinshi and reveals that the village leader is in custody for potentially aiding the barbarians. The episode progresses as Jinshi attempts to form a closer connection with Maomao, and she is introduced to the other lady-in-waiting named Yinghua, Guiyuan, and Ailan. The girls gossip about Maomao’s arm wound, while she contemplates her circumstances.

A Dangerous Game

Jinshi reveals to Maomao that her predecessor used to get poisoned by the meals prepared for her, and even Gyokuyou herself had been poisoned a few times. Maomao, concerned about Gyokuyou’s safety, suggests that they switch to silver plates since they react to poison. She has been keeping her knowledge a secret to prevent her kidnappers from profiting from her expertise. Maomao receives her payment for the day from Hongniang, and it surprises her that it’s almost equal to her regular salary. This prompts her to reflect on her situation and realize that this money won’t go to her kidnappers.

Uncovering the Truth

Maomao’s curiosity grows as she engages Jinshi in conversation about the location where the poisoned meals were consumed and the utensils used. Jinshi leads her to a room where she can prepare an aphrodisiac. However, she notices that they have supplied her with less cacao than expected. Undeterred, she decides to make some brownies with it and secretly stores them away.

New Characters and Threats

Towards the end of the episode, a mysterious man is shown observing a female from a distance. The introduction of this new character adds an element of intrigue and raises questions about their intentions. Additionally, the episode introduces several new characters, including the head lady-in-waiting Hongniang, as well as Yinghua, Guiyuan, and Ailan. Each of these characters possesses unique qualities that have the potential to make them fan favorites by the end of the first season.

Maomao’s Competence

While the resolution of the soldier-poison incident may appear swift, it showcases Maomao’s skill and expertise as a former apothecary and lady assistant. Her knowledge and capabilities make her an invaluable asset, but they may also prove to be her downfall in the future.


Episode 2 of The Apothecary Diaries, titled “The Chilly Apothecary,” delves deeper into the complex world of palace politics and intrigue. It leaves viewers eager for more as new characters are introduced and existing ones reveal new facets of their personalities. Maomao’s role as a knowledgeable and resourceful protagonist is further solidified, while the overarching mystery surrounding the poisoned meals looms in the background. This episode promises an exciting and captivating continuation of the story in the subsequent episodes of the season.

Please Note: Throughout this article, the term “The Apothecary Diaries” refers to the Japanese manga series and its corresponding anime adaptation.

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