The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Season 2 Episode 15 Recap & Review

In this week’s episode of The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 2, titled “Needs Must When the Devil Drives,” we are presented with some captivating character-driven segments involving Philomela, Alcyone, Rian, and other side characters. While the overall plot progression may be limited, these individual stories offer valuable insights into the lives and struggles of the supporting cast. Let’s delve deeper into the events of this episode and explore the themes it presents.

Philomela’s Troubled Past

The episode opens with Elias leading Simeon, a new character, to his office and offering his assistance if needed. Soon after, Veronica arrives with her friends, accompanied by Philomela. As they engage in a game, Philomela’s mind wanders back to a painful conversation she had with her grandmother. The scene highlights the emotional burden Philomela carries and sets the stage for deeper exploration of her character.

Rian’s Disappointment

During the game, Rian notices that Philomela is holding back and scolds her vehemently for it. Clearly, Rian has certain expectations of her, but Philomela firmly states that she has changed and cannot fulfill those expectations anymore. This interaction raises questions about personal growth and the difficulties of living up to other people’s perceptions of us.

Jasmine’s Secret Pain

Violet, another supporting character, senses that something is troubling Jasmine and offers her comfort. This compassionate gesture portrays Violet as a caring and observant person. Meanwhile, Isaac approaches Rian to inquire about his distress, to which he responds by expressing his disappointment with Philomela’s perceived weakness. This further emphasizes the struggles Philomela faces and the impact they have on those around her.

A Suggestion for Elias and Chise

Elias and Chise take a moment to discuss matters of magic and their own progress. However, their conversation is interrupted by Violet, who informs them that Jasmine might be incapacitated for a while. This prompts Violet to suggest that Elias and Chise find another master if they are truly invested in learning magic. This suggestion adds a layer of uncertainty to their journey and hints at potential complications in the future.

The Intriguing Character of Philomela’s Grandmother

One particularly intriguing character introduced in this episode is Philomela’s grandmother. From harboring the werewolf’s children to scolding Philomela during her childhood and into the present, her actions leave little room for sympathy or redemption. Many viewers will find her character unappealing, and it is hoped that she will face consequences for her behavior as the story progresses.


While this episode may not have significant plot developments, it provides us with valuable insights into the lives of the supporting cast. Philomela’s personal struggles, Rian’s expectations, and Jasmine’s hidden pain all add depth to the narrative. The suggestion of finding a different master raises uncertainty for Elias and Chise’s magical journey. As the episode concludes, more patients arrive at Chise’s office, hinting at new challenges and further exploration of the story. We eagerly await future developments in The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 2.

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