Strong Girl Nam-soon – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

In the fourth episode of the popular K-drama series “Strong Girl Nam-soon,” we witness a series of emotional reunions and surprising twists. This action-packed episode starts with Nam-soon and Geum-ju’s long-awaited reunion in a burning building. As the story unfolds, we are introduced to new characters, uncover secrets, and witness powerful displays of strength and determination.

The Reunion

The episode kicks off with Nam-soon’s homeless friends, Hyun-soo and Son-saeng, discussing their next meal when they hear an announcement calling for them. Little did they know, their act of kindness towards Nam-soon has caught the attention of someone. Meanwhile, at home, another heartwarming reunion takes place as Bong-go arrives. Hee-sik and his team are diligently working on sorting through a vast amount of data from a drug dealer’s phone when Geum-ju arrives. She expresses her desire to utilize her strength and help in the investigation. It is revealed that her incredible strength was a birthday gift she received when she was just five years old.

Searching for a Strong Woman

In his office, Shi-oh, a character who was captivated by Nam-soon’s impressive feat of pulling an airplane, reveals that he is looking for a strong woman in his delivery staff. He appears flustered but agrees to hire her after she pulls out an envelope of money as a gesture of appreciation. Meanwhile, Geum-ju ponders over Hee-sik’s words about drugs being present at Doogo and decides to text him with the information.

Unfortunate Turn of Events

As the plot thickens, the drug dealer is found dead in prison. When Nam-soon arrives at the restaurant, Hee-sik is visibly starstruck. Although he initially denies it, he eventually agrees to hire Nam-soon and Geum-ju as interns. As they spend time together, a strong bond begins to form between them. Over a cup of coffee, Nam-soon learns that Hee-sik’s wife passed away five years ago. This revelation adds depth and emotion to their blossoming relationship.

Determined to Change the World

In a car ride with Hee-sik, Nam-soon expresses her ambition to change the world. Her strong will and determination are evident as she vows to make a difference. The episode culminates with numerous heartfelt reunions as Nam-soon finally meets all the members of her biological family. This heartwarming conclusion leaves viewers eager to know what lies ahead for Nam-soon and the other characters.


“Strong Girl Nam-soon” continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline and well-rounded characters. Episode 4 delivers a mix of emotions, from heartwarming reunions to shocking revelations. As the relationships between the characters deepen and new challenges arise, viewers are left eagerly anticipating what the future holds for Nam-soon and her quest to change the world.

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