Strong Girl Nam-soon – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

In the third episode of the popular K-Drama, Strong Girl Nam-soon, the story continues to unfold with thrilling moments and unexpected twists. Nam-soon finds herself facing new challenges and embracing her newfound strength. This recap and review will delve into the important events of episode 3 and provide insights on the characters’ development.

Three Generations

The episode begins as Nam-soon pays a visit to Bong-go’s photo studio. She had previously needed a photograph but no longer requires one. Grateful for Bong-go’s assistance, she thanks him and departs. Determined to make ends meet, Nam-soon agrees to take on work opportunities to pay her bills.

Meanwhile, back at the police station, Hee-sik watches a video of Nam-soon and is astonished by her exceptional physical prowess. To further complicate matters, Ryu Shi-oh is introduced to Nam-soon. She surprises them by expressing her decision to continue living as Nam-soon. To prove her determination, Nam-soon shows them a video of herself carrying heavy materials to construct her ger, despite having given birth to her daughter just three days prior.

Hee-sik instructs his colleagues to conduct a background check on all the individuals on the flight from Mongolia. Shockingly, they discover that a female passenger had succumbed to the same drug that was found in a bottle of baby formula. As Hee-sik receives a call from the person investigating the missing child cases in Mongolia, trouble arises when his wife, who is with him, learns about another woman visiting the police station.

Nam-soon’s Strength Unleashed

Nam-soon is seen walking with her vagrant friends when she witnesses the gang’s nefarious actions from a distance. Despite facing mockery, she fearlessly confronts the entire group and defeats them single-handedly. However, Geum-ju remains compassionate and continues to show kindness towards Nam-soon.

In the midst of these events, Hee-sik contacts Geum-ju and informs her that he has located the real Nam-soon. Sensing the urgency, Geum-ju decides to reach Nam-soon’s location ahead of the authorities. In a breathtaking moment, Nam-soon leapfrogs into a high window, risking her life to save children trapped inside a building engulfed in smoke. Using her resourcefulness, she converts a fence into a makeshift ladder and successfully enters the window.

The inclusion of a special cameo appearance in this early stage of the series comes as a pleasant surprise. Many viewers were eagerly anticipating this moment, and its unexpected timing adds to the suspense and excitement of the ongoing storyline.


Episode 3 of Strong Girl Nam-soon is filled with gripping moments as Nam-soon embraces her strength and faces new challenges. From her encounter with the gang to her daring rescue mission, Nam-soon continues to captivate viewers with her resilience and determination.

The episode’s plot thickens as Hee-sik uncovers information about a passenger’s tragic death and the connection to the missing child cases in Mongolia. Geum-ju’s race to reach Nam-soon before the authorities reveals the growing stakes in the unfolding narrative.

Strong Girl Nam-soon keeps fans on the edge of their seats with its compelling storyline and well-rounded characters. This K-Drama is a must-watch for anyone seeking riveting action, memorable performances, and a refreshing take on female empowerment. Stay tuned for further episodes to see how Nam-soon’s journey unfolds.

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