Still Up – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Road Trip” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Still Up, titled “The Road Trip,” takes viewers on a wild ride as Gemma’s hen night turns into a chaotic adventure. This recap and review will delve into the thrilling events of the episode, highlighting the character dynamics and plot twists that made it a standout installment in the series.

Gemma’s Hen Night Goes Off Course

The episode kicks off with Gemma’s hen night, a celebration similar to a bachelorette party. However, Gemma finds herself in a predicament when she loses her phone, leaving her clueless about her location. She urgently needs to find her way back home, and the clock is ticking.

Lisa’s Unexpected Journey

As fate would have it, Lisa, a character known for her quirky personality, luckily stumbles upon a bus stop that happens to be en route to her home. Little does she know that this bus ride will take her on an unexpected adventure. In a hilariously ironic twist, Lisa unintentionally veers off in the wrong direction, adding to the chaos of the night.

Lisa’s Paralyzing High

Lisa’s misadventure takes a dramatic turn when her wild night catches up to her. After consuming several drinks, she begins to feel the effects of the alcohol, resulting in a paralyzing high. The situation escalates further when a police dog detects something suspicious in Lisa’s purse, leading to her arrest.

Danny’s Disappointment

In the midst of the chaos, Danny, one of the central characters, is left feeling disappointed. He had made the trip to help Lisa, only to realize that it was all in vain. The episode portrays the awkward silence between Danny and Lisa, leaving viewers questioning the future of their relationship.

The Standout Performances

“The Road Trip” stands out not only for its intriguing plot but also for the exceptional performances of the cast. Craig Roberts, portraying Danny, steals the spotlight with his nuanced portrayal of a character on the brink of emotional turmoil. The episode showcases the buildup of tension between Danny and Amy, leaving viewers wondering if forgiveness and second chances are possible.

Unanswered Questions

As the episode comes to a close, viewers are left pondering several unanswered questions. Will Amy find it in her heart to forgive Danny and give their relationship another chance? And perhaps most importantly, does Amy still have her finger intact? These lingering questions generate anticipation for the upcoming episodes.


“The Road Trip” is undoubtedly a standout episode in the first season of Still Up. With its gripping storyline, unpredictable twists, and exceptional performances, the episode leaves viewers eagerly awaiting what’s to come. As the drama unfolds, the characters’ relationships and personal journeys continue to captivate audiences, making Still Up a must-watch series.

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