Spy X Family – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The third episode of Spy X Family Season 2 continues to enthrall the audience with its thrilling storyline and captivating characters. In this episode, titled “Mission and Family/The Elegant Bondman/The Heart of A Child/Alarm Clock,” we witness Yuri, the protagonist, undertaking a new mission and facing various challenges along the way. Additionally, we delve into the dynamics within the spy family and the importance of family values. Let’s dive into the exciting details of this episode!

Mission and Family

The episode begins with Yuri receiving a mission from his boss at the State Security Police. He is tasked with tracking down a man named Franklin Perkins, a former newspaper reporter. Yuri’s determination and skill make him an exceptional spy, and he sets out to fulfill this mission without hesitation.

As Yuri tracks Perkins, he carefully photographs him, gathering valuable information for his undercover newspaper operation. Perkins unknowingly becomes the courier for sensitive information, and Yuri and his comrades are determined to apprehend his buyer.

The Elegant Bondman

In this next set piece, titled “The Elegant Bondman,” we are introduced to Bondman and his partner, Agent M. Together, they undertake various missions, displaying their exceptional spy skills. However, Bondman’s personal life becomes a source of amusement, as he encounters multiple women who scold and harm him.

Meanwhile, Anya, a key member of the spy family, observes Bondman’s encounters and plans to share the entertaining stories with her friend Becky. Loid, her adoptive father and fellow spy, wonders why Anya is so intrigued by Bondman, considering his womanizing ways. This provides an interesting contrast between the experienced spy Bondman and the innocent curiosity of the young Anya.

The Heart of A Child

The heartwarming theme of family love and support is brought to the forefront in this set piece. The audience gets a glimpse of Perkins and his father engaged in a heartfelt conversation about morals, justice, and the importance of family. Meanwhile, Yuri, hidden in the shadows, listens intently to their conversation, realizing that Perkins uses this method to transport information to his mysterious buyer.

Yuri quickly informs his comrades about Perkins’s actions, and they plan to confront him the next day. Perkins, sensing trouble, panics when he sees Yuri and the State Security Police outside his window. Yuri takes charge and confronts Perkins, informing him that his buyer has been captured. This thrilling sequence showcases Yuri’s exceptional spy skills and his dedication to both his mission and his moral values.

Alarm Clock

The episode concludes with a set piece titled “Alarm Clock.” This scene focuses on Anya, the young adopted daughter of Loid and the heart of the spy family. Anya is running late for school, and the audience is treated to a humorous sequence as she rushes to get ready. This lighthearted moment adds a touch of humor to the intense spy narrative, providing a balance between action and comedy.

Episode Review

While Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 3 delivers impactful moments, especially in Yuri’s mission and his encounter with Perkins, the overall episode follows a somewhat predictable pattern. The emotional depth and significance seen in certain scenes could have been further explored to provide a stronger connection with the audience.

On the other hand, the comical moments involving Bondman’s romantic encounters and Anya’s humorous rush to school bring a light-hearted touch to the episode, keeping viewers entertained. However, it would have been beneficial to have more time dedicated to Yuri’s character development and his interaction with other key players in the storyline.


Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 3 continues to capture the audience’s attention with its engaging storyline and well-executed action sequences. Although the episode falls into a familiar pattern at times, it successfully combines elements of comedy, emotion, and espionage to create an enjoyable viewing experience. As the season progresses, we anticipate further character development and thrilling twists that will keep us hooked until the next episode.

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