Ragna Crimson – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

In the third episode of Ragna Crimson Season 1, the story continues with intense moments filled with action and character development. The episode begins with a superior dragon terrorizing women while desperate refugees fight against other dragons. Flashing back to the past, we witness Ragna and Crimson sealing their deal. As the episode progresses, we see Ragna struggling with his memories and a dragon hunter named Michael approaches Crimson and Ragna for help in defeating a superior dragon they failed to defeat in Tortiere City.

Ragna’s Memories and Crimson’s Questions

During a conversation between Crimson and Ragna, Ragna admits to having vague memories of the future. Crimson believes that a specific trigger is needed to unlock Ragna’s recollection of his missions. This adds an intriguing layer to the story, as viewers wonder what events or circumstances could potentially unlock Ragna’s full memory.

The Battle against Disas Trois

Crimson, Michael, and the others are requested to fight a superior dragon named Disas Trois. However, they refuse the offer to fight because they don’t want the people to sacrifice their equipment and their way of life as dragon hunters. Crimson believes that they want to defeat Trois in order to redeem themselves for fleeing the previous battle. This decision showcases the honor and pride within their characters.

Ragna’s Unsettled Feelings

As the group visits Tortiere, Ragna appears upset and uneasy. Ragna expresses his discomfort with being turned into a spectacle and being referred to as a Reaper in front of Michael and the others. Crimson, known for their jokes, teases about trapping Leo, a fellow character, inside a gun armory in a coffin. However, Crimson reminds Ragna to know his place, highlighting the titular character’s role and position within the story.

Crimson’s Resurrection and Trois’ Threat

In a surprising turn of events, Crimson seemingly dies but is unexpectedly resurrected. This adds a layer of suspense and raises questions about the extent of Crimson’s powers and their ability to overcome adversaries. Trois, angered by the humiliation inflicted upon him, plans to retaliate by targeting Crimson and their allies. The episode ends with Crimson rallying everyone, preparing them for the upcoming battle.

Analysis and Opinion

Overall, episode 3 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 showcases a significant progression in both the plot and character development. Viewers are provided with glimpses into Ragna’s fragmented memories, adding intrigue and anticipation for future episodes. The decision to refuse the offer to fight Trois due to their honor as dragon hunters reveals the characters’ values and integrity.

Furthermore, the episode emphasizes the complex relationship between Ragna and Crimson, with Crimson playfully teasing and guiding Ragna while asserting their authority. The resurrection of Crimson adds excitement to the storyline, as viewers ponder the extent of their powers and how they will navigate the challenges ahead.

In terms of action, the episode delivers thrilling moments and introduces new threats, such as the superior dragon Trois. The utilization of Ragna’s Silverine Battle Arts introduces unique abilities and foreshadows potential conflicts and resolutions. Overall, viewers can expect intense and engaging battles as the series progresses.


In conclusion, Episode 3 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 captivates viewers with its captivating plot, character development, and intense action sequences. The fragmented memories of Ragna, the refusal to fight Trois, and the resurrection of Crimson add depth and suspense to the storyline. Viewers are left eagerly anticipating future episodes as they delve further into the world of Ragna Crimson.

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