Protocol: Rain – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

In the second episode of Protocol: Rain, titled “Foreordained Chance Encounter -Multiplexer-“, the story takes us deeper into the world of e-sports as Shun and Akito continue their gaming journey. This recap and review will explore the events that unfold, the characters introduced, and the overall impact on the storyline.

Practising Gaming and Unexpected Discoveries

The episode begins with Shun and Akito engaging in intense gaming sessions at a cybercafé. Their passion for gaming is evident as they dedicate their time to improving their skills. Later that day, Shun returns home and surprises his mother by giving her his pay. He then gifts Mio, his sister, some money as well. Mio questions him about his return to gaming, having noticed him online recently.

Auditions for Teammates and Unexpected Challenges

The following day, Shun and Akito start holding auditions to find suitable teammates for their e-sports team. Their decision to only accept candidates at the masters rank level proves to be a challenge as no one shows up for the auditions. Meanwhile, Nozomi’s father experiences panic and blames his own lineage for his perceived failures.

A Mysterious Encounter

As the auditions progress, a mysterious girl named Yu catches the attention of the group. Just as they are about to offer her a spot on the team, she declines the opportunity without providing any explanation. Sakagami, another member of the group, checks in on Yu, but she abruptly goes offline. This unexpected behavior piques the curiosity of the others.

The Unexpected Candidate

In the midst of their frustration, a young boy walks in for the audition. Surprisingly, he starts demonstrating his gaming skills without revealing any personal details. His performance in a death match leaves everyone in awe, showcasing his versatility and superior gaming abilities. They are impressed by his skills and decide to recruit him for the team.

Unveiling the Mystery

As the team members follow Yu after the auditions, Shun attempts to call out her gaming name but receives no response. Concerned, he knocks on her door, only to discover blood seeping out from underneath it. Overwhelmed with fear, Shun opens the door and finds himself face to face with a shocking scene. The episode ends, leaving viewers eager to find out what happens next.

Review of Episode 2

Protocol: Rain episode 2 continues to build on the formation of the e-sports team, introducing new characters and adding depth to the storyline. The comedic moments brought by the new players during the auditions provide light-hearted entertainment. The revelation that Explosion, the last candidate, is none other than Yu, Shun’s sister’s idol, adds an unexpected twist to the plot.

The episode maintains its momentum by introducing suspense and mystery surrounding Yu’s sudden disappearance and the disturbing scene encountered by Shun. These elements keep viewers intrigued and eager to see how the story unfolds.


“Foreordained Chance Encounter -Multiplexer-” delivers engaging content, further exploring the world of e-sports in Protocol: Rain. The episode effectively combines humor and suspense, giving viewers a well-rounded experience. With the introduction of new characters and the unraveling of mysteries, the stage is set for future episodes to captivate audiences. As the story continues to evolve, viewers can anticipate more thrilling moments and unexpected revelations.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Protocol: Rain to witness the continued adventures of Shun and his e-sports team.

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