Paradox Live the Animation – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

In the second episode of Paradox Live the Animation, titled “Desire,” we delve deeper into the complex relationships and motivations of the characters. The episode begins with an intense scene featuring Allen, who finds himself caught in a trap reaction in the restroom. From there, the story unfolds, weaving together themes of desire, resentment, and the pursuit of success.

Kanata’s Desperate Desires

The episode takes a pivotal turn when Kanata, fueled by his own desires, snatches a chain from a guy who lies passed out in an alley. This act of aggression is fueled by his deep-seated resentment towards BAE, a successful group that represents everything Kanata despises. As Kanata walks away with a cold look in his eyes, we witness the intensity of his disdain for those who have achieved financial success.

A Violent Encounter

On his way back, Kanata bumps into a group of thugs who proceed to beat him up. This violent encounter serves as a powerful metaphor for the challenges Kanata faces in his pursuit of success. It highlights the struggles and hardships that artists often face, and the sacrifices they make along the way.

Allen’s Dedication

Meanwhile, Allen, fueled by his dedication to his craft, stays late after the first event to complete his lyrics. Yeon and Anne, two other characters in the story, decide to leave and return home. Little do they know, Allen’s dedication will soon be rewarded with a harsh reality.

Betrayal and Stolen Chains

Before leaving the scene, Yeon, consumed by jealousy and resentment, steals Allen’s chain. This act of betrayal not only robs Allen of a precious possession, but also plunges him into a state of confusion as he struggles to remember who the culprit was. The stolen chain serves as a symbol of the trust that has been broken within the group.

Kanata’s Justification

Kanata, in a moment of revelation, shows the stolen chain to Nayuta, another character in the series. He is questioned about his actions, and Kanata walks away from the conversation, deep in thought. When confronted about the stolen chain, Kanata justifies his actions, claiming that it is only meant for those who have experienced true suffering, the “have-nots.” He taunts Yeon and Anne, referring to them as privileged individuals who have always had things go their way.

A Change of Heart

Surprisingly, Kanata’s speech strikes a chord with Yeon and Anne. They realize that Kanata’s disdain for artists with strong financial backing stems from his belief that good finances undermine the true essence of hip hop. Realizing that they have misjudged Kanata, they begin to understand the depth of his character. They see that his motivations are driven by a desire for authenticity and respect.

A Fair Battle

In an unexpected turn of events, Yeon and Anne confront Kanata about the stolen chain. However, instead of animosity, they find resistance from Kanata. He challenges them to a fair battle, where they will compete based on their skills and determination. Through this interaction, the characters find common ground and a newfound respect for one another.

The Power of Understanding

The episode concludes with the arrival of Yeon, once the conflict has been resolved. He sees the determination in the eyes of Kanata and Allen, and vows to do his best to support them in the upcoming competition. This moment showcases the power of understanding and empathy in bridging gaps and forming strong bonds.


Episode 2 of Paradox Live the Animation delves into the theme of desire, showcasing the complex motivations and relationships of the characters. Kanata, with his deep-rooted resentment towards artists with financial backing, seeks to challenge the notion that success can be achieved through financial means alone. Through a series of events, the characters learn to understand and respect each other’s desires, leading to a newfound unity and determination. As the story unfolds, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the next episode, eager to see how these characters evolve and grow.

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