Our Flag Means Death – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Welcome to the recap and review of Season 2 Episode 6 of “Our Flag Means Death.” In this episode, titled “Calypso’s Birthday,” we are taken on a thrilling and dramatic journey aboard The Revenge. From a lighthouse to pirate ships, gunshots, and a birthday celebration, there is no shortage of excitement and character development. Join us as we delve into the key moments of this episode and explore the potential future for the characters.

A Mysterious Lighthouse and Impending Storm

The episode opens with a striking image of a lighthouse, setting the tone for the impending storm about to rock the lives of our characters. On The Revenge, Ed, one of the main characters, gazes out at the vast sea, sensing the storm but unable to see it. This scene creates a sense of mystery and foreshadows the challenges and conflicts that lie ahead.

Izzy’s Performance and Unwanted Interruptions

As Ed is contemplating the storm, Izzy, another crew member, approaches him, dressed in drag. Ed mentions the impending storm and refers to it as a room full of guilt. Stede, another member of the crew, suggests that Ed can do something good with all the valuables on the ship. However, before they can fully enjoy the moment, gunshots ring out, interrupting their revelry.

Ned Low and The Fearless Crew

The source of the gunshots is revealed when Ned Low, a notorious pirate, and his crew board The Revenge. Chaos ensues, with screams filling the air. Lucius and Pete, two crew members, respond by brandishing their knives, ready to defend the ship. However, they soon realize that Stede has the situation under control. This exhilarating scene showcases Stede’s capability and bravery in the face of danger.

Zheng Yi Sao’s Pirate Navy

Meanwhile, Richard Banes, a character aboard The Revenge, is shown the fleet of ships belonging to Zheng Yi Sao, a formidable pirate. Her fleet can be considered a pirate navy. Zheng Yi Sao proposes a deal to Richard Banes – if he agrees to pay her people a living wage, they will stop looting. This interaction highlights the complex dynamics and negotiations prevalent in the pirate world.

Stede’s Crucial Decision

Amid the chaos of the pirate attack, Ned Low insults Ed, provoking a response from Stede. Stede, driven by a sense of justice, takes a stand and forces Ned Low to walk the plank. This pivotal moment in Stede’s character arc raises questions about his potential transformation and whether he and Ed could reverse their roles in the future. It showcases Stede’s growth and hint at possible conflicts to come.

Flashbacks and Reflections

Following the intense confrontation, Stede experiences a moment of distress, portrayed through flashing images from his past. This glimpse into Stede’s memories sheds light on his complex emotions and inner turmoil. It adds depth to his character and sets the stage for further exploration of his past and motivations.

Fang’s Post-Credit Scene

In a post-credit scene, Fang, a character introduced earlier in the season, emerges from his hiding spot holding a goat that he wanted to protect. This lighthearted moment contrasts with the intensity of the previous scenes, signaling a shift in tone and a resumption of the crew’s celebration. Fang’s presence adds a touch of humor and lightness to the episode.

The Humor and Heart of “Our Flag Means Death”

Throughout “Calypso’s Birthday,” the humor and wit, intrinsic to “Our Flag Means Death,” shine through. The interactions between characters such as Lucius and Pete, who are shown to be cooped up with each other, provide comic relief amidst the more intense and dramatic moments. The show’s ability to balance humor and serious themes adds depth and makes for a captivating viewing experience.


Episode 6 of “Our Flag Means Death” season 2, titled “Calypso’s Birthday,” takes us on a thrilling journey filled with peril, bravery, and character development. From the introduction of Ned Low and Zheng Yi Sao’s pirate navy to Stede’s crucial decision and reflections on his past, this episode sets the stage for potential future conflicts and transformations. With its perfect blend of humor and heart, “Our Flag Means Death” continues to entertain and engage viewers, leaving them eagerly anticipating the next episode.

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