Neon – Episode 6 “Isanti” Recap & Review

In episode 6 of the hit series Neon, titled “Isanti,” the trio of Santi, Ness, and Isa find themselves facing new challenges and dilemmas. The episode opens with the trio enjoying some music in their apartment, only to be interrupted by their landlady asking them to lower the volume. This leads to a conversation about their next steps and their need to speak to Gina, an important figure in their lives.

A Fearful Decision

Ness expresses her fear and suggests they ignore Gina’s request to talk, which surprises Santi. However, Isa explains that Ness should be embracing her Latina heritage and encourages them to visit her private rainforest studio in the middle of an exotic jungle to record a new song. Santi, being confident in their financial situation thanks to Gina’s money, agrees and sees it as a potentially profitable investment.

The Struggle to Record

Unfortunately, the recording process doesn’t go as smoothly as anticipated. Isa finds herself struggling with the lyrics, leading to arguments between the trio. Amidst the tension, Ness receives a message from Gina, inquiring about Santi’s involvement with Isa. Surprisingly, she expresses her happiness for Santi and wishes him well. This message prompts Santi to open up more about himself and his aspirations. In an attempt to impress Isa, he plays his new unreleased song, titled “Corillo.”

A Different Perspective

Ness, however, doesn’t seem impressed and suggests that Santi doesn’t need new clients and that she can help him return to the original plan they had in mind. Ultimately, Ness and Isa decide to leave Santi behind in the private jungle and head back to Miami. Sant remains determined to continue working on the song, which holds personal significance to him and his friends.

The Trio’s Dilemma

As the episode comes to a close, viewers are left wondering about the fate of the trio and how they will be able to repay Gina for her support. With tensions rising and differing motivations, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Santi, Ness, and Isa. Will they find a way to reconcile their differences and achieve success? Only time will tell.


In episode 6 of Neon, titled “Isanti,” the trio faces new challenges and personal dilemmas. The episode explores themes of friendship, artistic struggles, and the pressures of pursuing success in the music industry. With heartfelt performances and a captivating storyline, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the next episode to see how the trio navigates their complicated situation. Neon continues to deliver engaging content that keeps audiences hooked with its intricate character developments and realistic portrayal of the music industry.

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