Neon – Episode 5 “Corillo” Recap & Review


In episode 5 of Neon, titled “Corillo,” we are greeted with an intense recap of the previous night’s events. Ness and Felix find themselves recounting the disturbing incidents they experienced, including being held at gunpoint. Additionally, they are grappling with the decision made by Santi, their friend, to sign a contract with a mysterious woman named Gina. While Ness finds Gina attractive, Felix is concerned about the direction their lives are taking and wonders where Santi has disappeared to.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

We are then introduced to Gina herself, who reveals that she has arranged for a car to be delivered to Ness and Felix’s place. However, an intriguing twist emerges as Gina expresses her lack of familiarity with a person named Mia. It seems that Mia is a name that has caused confusion and piqued curiosity among the characters in the story.

Simultaneously, Mia’s boss, Oscar, reaches out to her, asking her to confirm studio time for an artist, Isa, with the renowned producer named Jota Rosa. Oscar shows a willingness to listen this time, and Mia seizes the opportunity to hype up Santi, emphasizing his talent. She takes Santi to the studio, where he faces the challenge of introducing himself to Jota Rosa. Struggling with self-expression, Santi finds support in Felix, who assumes the role of his therapist. However, Felix eventually succumbs to guilt and urges Mia to tell Oscar the truth about Santi.

In the midst of this, Mia surprises Ness with a kiss, leaving him bewildered about her true intentions. The complex web of mixed signals and emotions adds another layer of intrigue to the story. Ultimately, Felix decides to fire Mia, a move that doesn’t come as a surprise to viewers who have observed her misplaced priorities.

Reflections and Review

One of the highlights of this episode is the inclusion of cameos from renowned Reggaeton celebrities. This adds an exciting element to the storyline, immersing viewers further into the world of Neon. The central theme revolving around Santi is whether or not his newfound wealth from Gina is blinding him to his true artistic purpose. As an artist, it is essential for Santi to take some time for self-reflection and rediscover his authentic voice. Thankfully, Jota Rosa’s guidance seems to be leading him in the right direction.

On the other hand, Mia’s dismissal from her job is not surprising. Her actions throughout the episode have demonstrated her misplaced priorities and her tendency to prioritize the artist over professionalism. This outcome was foreshadowed, making it a foreseeable turn of events.


Episode 5 of Neon, titled “Corillo,” continues to captivate audiences with its engaging storyline. The suspense is heightened as Ness and Felix navigate through the aftermath of their harrowing experience. A mysterious woman named Gina has entered their lives, raising questions and adding an air of intrigue. As relationships become increasingly complicated, the characters face ethical dilemmas and potential consequences.

Neon keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to find out what lies ahead for the characters. The inclusion of well-known Reggaeton celebrities adds to the enjoyment of the show. With each passing episode, the plot thickens, leaving viewers craving more. Stay tuned for the next installment of Neon, where the story is sure to take another unexpected twist.

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