Neon – Episode 4 “Art Basel” Recap & Review

In the fourth episode of the popular series Neon, titled “Art Basel,” we witness an exciting adventure for the main characters – Santi, Ness, Mia, and Felix. The episode unfolds at the prestigious Art Basel event in Miami, where the characters navigate through a mix of art, drama, and unexpected encounters. This recap and review will delve into the intriguing moments and storylines of the episode.

A Quest for Funding and Recognition

The episode kicks off with Santi, Ness, Mia, and Felix attending Art Basel in Miami. Ness expresses her excitement about seeing Zale Bonus, a prominent figure in the digital art investing world whom she greatly admires. Zale is involved in a project that supports artists of color, and Santi hopes to secure a place on his list. Mia suggests that having Zale’s funding would greatly benefit Santi’s career.

Unanticipated Encounters

After a panel discussion, Santi and Ness manage to corner Zale Bonus. To their surprise, Zale recognizes Santi from the Eduardo remix song. However, their interaction takes an unexpected turn when Zale starts apologizing for the negative comments he made about Santi. It turns out that his previous remarks were a result of his emotional turmoil following the death of his pet rabbit. Santi accepts the apology gracefully, but unfortunately, Zale reveals himself to be a sell-out, leaving them disappointed.

New Opportunities and Challenges

As the episode progresses, Felix finds himself connecting with Javier, who seems to understand him on a deeper level. Javier even expresses interest in having Felix work for him. Meanwhile, Ness becomes frustrated with her inability to network and “work” people the way Mia does. In an attempt to clear her mind, she steps outside for some fresh air.

A Mysterious Encounter

During her solitary moment outside, Ness coincidentally encounters a mysterious woman who captivates her attention. They engage in a conversation, and a connection sparks between them. Excitedly, Ness informs the others about this unexpected twist of fate, and they decide to follow the woman to her house.

Mystery and Intrigue

Upon arriving at the woman’s home, the tension rises. The lady playfully spooks them, creating a mix of humor and slight unease. She then reveals that things are not as they seem and asks if they are ready to sign a contract. Her acting skills are phenomenal, leaving the characters and viewers intrigued. This encounter sets the stage for more mysteries to unfold and leaves us eager to learn more about this enigmatic woman and the consequences of signing the contract.


“Art Basel,” the fourth episode of Neon, delivers a captivating blend of art, drama, and unexpected twists. Santi and Ness’s encounter with Zale Bonus exposes the superficial nature of the art world, while Felix contemplates a potentially life-changing opportunity. Ness’s chance meeting with the mysterious woman adds an element of suspense and anticipation to the plot. As the episode concludes, we are left wondering about the trio’s next moves and eagerly awaiting the unraveling of their fate. Neon continues to captivate its audience with its unique storyline and compelling characters, leaving us eager for the next episode.

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