Neon – Episode 3 “Forbidden Fruits” Recap & Review

In the third episode of the thrilling series Neon, titled “Forbidden Fruits,” we delve deeper into the personal and professional lives of our beloved characters. The episode begins with Santi, one of the main characters, visiting his cousin at a law firm and getting a little too friendly with the receptionist. This raises concerns for Sebastian, who warns Santi about the dangers of flirting with co-workers, especially if he wants to secure the job. Little does Santi know that his nepotism card won’t be enough to sway the decision-makers.

The Power of Slogans and Remixes

Santi, in his quest to impress and secure the job, suggests a brilliant slogan for the law firm. He believes that having his granddaughter in the promotional video would be the perfect touch. Initially skeptical, Sebastian and the team start to see the value in Santi’s ideas as they listen to Ness, a wise voice among the group. Eventually, Santi takes it upon himself to remix the old Eduardo jingle, and to everyone’s surprise, it turns out to be a fantastic piece of art. Even Mia, another character in the show, can’t help but appreciate Santi’s creative skills.

Frustration in the Workplace

While Santi is soaring with his ideas, Mia faces her own set of challenges at work. She feels underappreciated as Oscar, her superior, fails to listen to her suggestions and instead promotes a newcomer over her. This accumulation of disappointment becomes more evident when Mia stumbles upon an article written by Celeste about Santi, which seems to affect the team morale. Despite these obstacles, Mia remains determined to do her best in the music video shoot.

Struggles and Motivations

As the team gathers for the video shoot, tension begins to rise. Mia, determined to keep things on budget, warns Felix about the importance of financial discipline. However, their attention is drawn to Santi’s interaction with Eduardo’s granddaughter. Initially thinking she was younger than she actually is, Santi makes a move, but Ness intervenes and puts a stop to it. Ultimately, an agreement is reached, and they decide to maintain a friendship while enjoying the party atmosphere.

A Lesson in Similarities

Unexpectedly, Celeste and Santi find themselves realizing that they aren’t so different after all. This revelation brings a sense of unity between the two characters, as they understand the struggles they both face. It serves as a reminder that everyone has their own battles to fight, regardless of appearances or circumstances.


As episode 3 of Neon, “Forbidden Fruits,” comes to a close, we witness the ongoing growth and development of the characters within the show. Santi’s creativity and determination leave a lasting impression on both his colleagues and the viewers. Mia’s resilience shines through as she faces workplace challenges. The unexpected bond between Celeste and Santi reminds us of the power of empathy and understanding. With each episode, the audience becomes more invested in the lives of these complex characters, eagerly awaiting what lies ahead in the Neon series.

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