Neon – Episode 2 “Opening Up” Recap & Review

In the second episode of Neon, titled “Opening Up,” we see Mia taking charge and making moves to help Santi’s career. She meets with someone named Antonio/Torpedo at a club and convinces him to let Santi open up for the famous artist Jowell. Mia, along with her friends Ness and Felix, discuss the possibility of signing Santi and creating more buzz around his music.

Mia’s Negotiation Skills

Mia shows her determination and persuasive skills when she convinces Antonio/Torpedo to give Santi a chance. She knows that getting Santi to perform alongside Jowell will help boost his career. Mia’s ability to showcase Santi’s talent and convince others of his potential is commendable.

A New Job for Mia

In addition to her efforts in the music industry, Mia also lands a job at Eduardos, a well-known supermarket. This new job brings a sense of stability to her life, and it shows that Mia is willing to work hard to support herself and her friends. She wants to make sure she can provide for Santi and help him achieve his dreams.

Celeste Rivera, the Music Journalist

Ness informs the group about Celeste Rivera, a music journalist who is present at the restaurant where they gather. Mia sees this as an opportunity to gain more exposure for Santi’s music. She invites Celeste to Santi’s first gig and asks her to cover the story. Mia understands the importance of media coverage in the music industry, and she is determined to make the most out of this opportunity.

Raising Hype for Santi’s Gig

To create more excitement for Santi’s upcoming gig, Mia, Ness, and Felix attend a party. However, they encounter disappointment when they realize that the attendees are not aware of Santi’s music. They mistake him for an internet singer, which dampens their spirits. Mia worries about how this lack of recognition will affect Santi’s morale and asks Felix to keep it a secret from him. She knows Santi has no backup plans or alternative talents, so it’s crucial to handle the situation wisely.

Santi’s Performance and Mia’s Secret

During Santi’s performance, he becomes even more confident and proud of himself. However, his enthusiasm leads him to break the rules and continue performing, even when a bouncer tries to stop him. This reckless behavior surprises Ness and Felix, who are concerned about the consequences it might have for Santi’s reputation.

Timing is Key

While Felix had the opportunity to tell Santi the truth about Mia, he wisely chooses not to do so. It wasn’t the right time to reveal Mia’s secret, as it could potentially disrupt Santi’s relationship with Jowell. It’s clear that Felix wants to protect both Santi and Mia from any unnecessary drama that could hinder their progress in the music industry.


Episode 2 of Neon, “Opening Up,” showcases Mia’s determination to help Santi succeed in the music industry. She uses her negotiation skills to secure a performance opportunity alongside Jowell and seeks media coverage through inviting a music journalist to Santi’s gig. Mia’s decision to keep a secret from Santi demonstrates her understanding of timing and the importance of protecting his career. As the series unfolds, it will be interesting to see how Mia’s actions and choices shape Santi’s journey towards success.

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