MF Ghost – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

In episode 3 of MF Ghost, the adrenaline-fueled race continues as Kanata fights for a spot in the main event. With intense drifts and skillful maneuvers, Kanata showcases his driving abilities and leaves the audience in awe. This recap and review will delve into the thrilling moments of the episode and highlight the nuances of the race.

The Trial Round:

The episode begins with the climax of the trial round. Kanata, determined to make his mark, breaks free from the death zone and sets his sights on the challenging Ohiradai hairpin. Drawing inspiration from the legendary racer Fujiwara Takumi, Kanata executes a flawless four-wheel drift, effortlessly maneuvering through the hairpin. With this impressive display of skill, Kanata heads into sector 3 with confidence.

As the race progresses, Kanata’s cautious yet aggressive approach becomes evident. While he hasn’t spun out of control like some of his competitors, Kanata shows restraint and calculated precision. He skillfully drifts around the curves, gradually climbing the ranks. Aiba, a fellow racer, notices that Kanata isn’t as reckless as he appears, implying that he still prioritizes safety.

Climbing the Ranks:

Kanata’s skillful driving pays off as he advances through the field. By the time he enters the final stretch of the race, he secures the 14th position. Meanwhile, Ogata, his rival, laments the underwhelming power of his car. Kanata, on the other hand, maintains a significant time difference ahead of his approaching opponent.

Unexpected Slap:

After the race, Aiba offers to treat the racers to dinner as a way to celebrate their achievements. However, before leaving, she walks up to Kanata and unexpectedly slaps him. Confused and taken aback, Kanata is unable to comprehend the reason behind the slap. Aiba confronts him about it, but Kanata remains baffled by the situation.

A Night Out:

Later that evening, Kanata’s friend Ren returns home and learns about Kanata’s plans to dine out with his friends. Excited to join the gathering, Ren looks forward to a night of camaraderie and celebration. The group comes together and enjoys a memorable night, cherishing their shared love for racing.

Reflection and Remorse:

As the executives reevaluate their list of qualifiers, they realize that position 16 has also made the cut. This revelation sparks a moment of remorse for Ren. He contemplates whether Aiba’s slap was prompted by genuine concern or if it stemmed from Kanata failing to inform her about his participation in MFG. Kanata’s tireless efforts to shave off time and maximize his car’s performance weigh heavily on him. The intense competition for the last spot in the main event drives Kanata to push his limits.

Attention to Detail:

One of the standout aspects of MF Ghost is its meticulous attention to detail in portraying the mechanics and physics of racing. This episode showcases the intricacies of drift racing, fueling the audience’s excitement and providing a sense of realism. The stunning visuals and animation contribute to the immersive experience, enhancing the viewer’s enjoyment of the race.


Episode 3 of MF Ghost takes us deeper into the world of high-speed racing, as Kanata impresses with his skill and determination. The episode highlights the balance between caution and aggression in Kanata’s driving style. A mysterious slap from Aiba and Ren’s introspection add an intriguing layer of emotion to the story. With its focus on technical accuracy and captivating visuals, MF Ghost continues to captivate racing enthusiasts and anime fans alike.

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