Loki – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

In Episode 3 of Loki Season 2, the plot thickens as our protagonists find themselves in 1868 Chicago, facing an impossible task and a dangerous variant. This action-packed episode delves deeper into the mysteries of the TVA and introduces new challenges for our beloved characters. Let’s dive into the recap and review of this thrilling installment.

The Mission Begins

The episode opens with Renslayer arriving in 1868 Chicago, accompanied by Miss Minutes. They have a peculiar package that needs to be posted through a window to scan the live aura of He Who Remains, a deceased figure. This moment is revealed to be a pivotal point in history, and the duo is determined to carry out their mission.

Temporal Marvels and Revelation

While exploring Chicago, Renslayer and Miss Minutes stumble upon an attraction called “Temporal Marvels.” It is an intriguing discovery, hinting at the powers and possibilities of time manipulation. As they continue their mission, they encounter Mobius, who has witnessed the destructive potential of a machine called the Throughput Multiplier. This machine could play a significant role in the battle against Kang and the restoration of order.

Sylvie’s Agenda

Meanwhile, Loki and the others encounter a surprise when Sylvie arrives with a sword, intending to kill the variant. It becomes apparent that Sylvie has her own agenda and does not trust Loki’s intentions. Despite Loki’s attempts to reason with her, Sylvie remains focused on her singular goal. The dynamics between Loki and Sylvie add an extra layer of tension to the already complex situation.

Splitting Paths

As the episode progresses, Sylvie and Renslayer have a confrontation, leaving Sylvie to deal with the latter while Loki and Mobius return to the TVA with Timely. Sylvie’s character is portrayed as driven by her obsession to kill Kang, which adds to the sense of mystery surrounding her motivations and history. It is worth noting that Sylvie’s decision to send Renslayer into the future leaves Miss Minutes unaccounted for, raising questions about the potential consequences.

The Time Loop

The episode concludes with a twist. Instead of Kang’s variant being eliminated, the timeline seems to be manipulated to make it appear as though Loki and the others brought Timely into the TVA. This revelation suggests that time is being looped, and the characters find themselves entangled in a web of cause and effect. The implications of this revelation remain to be explored in future episodes.


Episode 3 of Loki Season 2 takes us on a thrilling ride, introducing new mysteries and challenges for our characters. The 1868 Chicago setting adds a historical twist to the time-travel narrative, and the complex dynamics between Loki, Sylvie, and the TVA continue to captivate viewers. With the introduction of the Throughput Multiplier and the manipulation of time, the stakes are raised even higher. As the season progresses, it will be exciting to see how these storylines unfold and what the true intentions of the characters are. One thing is certain: Loki Season 2 keeps us guessing and leaves us eagerly awaiting the next episode.

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