If It’s With You (Japanese BL) Episode 5 Release Date, Time and Where To Watch


If you’re a fan of Japanese BL dramas, you may have come across “If It’s With You” or “Kimi to Nara Koi wo Shite Mite mo.” This heartfelt series revolves around the lives of two high-school boys named Amane and Ryuuji. Amane, who has experienced a traumatic event in his past, has closed his heart to romance. However, his life takes a turn when he starts a new chapter at Enoshima and meets Ryuuji. What starts as a friendship eventually blossoms into something more. If you’ve been following this captivating series, you might be eagerly awaiting the release of the next episode. In this article, we will share the release date, time, and where you can watch “If It’s With You” Episode 5.

Where Can I Watch “If It’s With You”?

To enjoy “If It’s With You,” you can tune in to MBS and TVK, where it airs at approximately 12:55 AM JST. However, if you’re an international fan, you’ll be glad to know that the series is also available on GagaOOLala. GagaOOLala provides English subtitles for a wider fanbase to enjoy the show. So, regardless of your location, you can still be a part of Amane and Ryuuji’s touching journey.

Episode 5 Release Date and Time

The much-awaited Episode 5 of “If It’s With You” is set to release on November 1, 2023, at approximately 3:55 PM GMT. Fans can mark their calendars and prepare for another emotional installment in this captivating series. The episode is expected to follow the usual format and be approximately 23 minutes long, providing ample content for viewers to delve into.

Season Finale

It’s worth noting that Episode 5 will serve as the season finale for “If It’s With You.” As a 5-episode long Japanese BL drama, it has followed the pattern of releasing two episodes per week. As we approach the last episode of the series, fans can expect a culmination of the characters’ journeys and a satisfying conclusion. Be sure to catch this final episode to see how Amane and Ryuuji’s story unfolds and find out if they can overcome their past traumas and find happiness together.

Trailer and Recap

If you’re excited about the upcoming episode or if you need a refresher on what has transpired so far in “If It’s With You,” you can find a trailer and recap of episodes 1-4. The trailer will provide you with a glimpse of what to expect in the next episode, building anticipation and excitement. Meanwhile, the recap will help jog your memory and ensure you’re up to speed with the intricate details of the story.

What’s Your Favorite Moment?

As a fan of “If It’s With You,” you may have experienced several heartwarming and memorable moments throughout the series. We would love to hear about your favorite moment and what you hope to see as the series progresses. Share your thoughts and impressions in the comments below and connect with fellow fans who have been equally captivated by the story of Amane and Ryuuji.


“If It’s With You” has garnered a dedicated fanbase due to its moving storyline and captivating characters. With Episode 5 fast approaching, fans can look forward to the season finale of this Japanese BL drama. Remember to mark your calendars, set your alarm, and catch the release of the final episode on November 1, 2023. Whether you watch it on MBS, TVK, or GagaOOLala, prepare to be immersed in the emotional journey of Amane and Ryuuji as they navigate their way towards love and healing.

Remember, “If It’s With You” stands as a reminder that sometimes, love has the power to heal even the deepest wounds. Don’t miss out on the grand finale of this heartwarming series!

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