If It’s With You (Japanese BL) – Episode 3 Recap & Review


In the third episode of the popular Japanese BL drama, “If It’s With You,” we delve into Ryuuji’s past and witness the blossoming friendship between Ryuuji and Amane. This episode focuses on their studies, feelings, and the small moments that bring them closer together.

The Past Resurfaces

The episode begins with a glimpse into Ryuuji’s past, perhaps giving us a better understanding of his character. As the scene transitions to the present, we find Ryuuji and Amane engaged in lighthearted banter about their mid-term exams and studies. It becomes evident that Amane is often lost in his own dream world, which adds an endearing touch to his character.

Studying Religiously

Both Ryuuji and Amane show a strong determination to excel academically. Amane’s belief in Ryuuji’s potential prompts him to prepare extensive notes for his friend. This act of kindness strengthens their bond further. The two share a heartwarming hug, celebrating their joy and progress.

Proximity and Tension

While their friendship begins to flourish, Amane becomes increasingly conscious of their proximity. Feeling overwhelmed, he excuses himself from the class, only for Ryuuji to catch up with him. In a gesture of gratitude, Ryuuji offers to treat Amane to a cold drink for his tutoring efforts. Amane denies the gesture, claiming it’s unnecessary.

An Invitation to Share Noodles

To lighten the situation, Amane abruptly changes the topic and mentions the weather. Ryuuji, on the other hand, invites Amane to his house for cold noodles, as the restaurant they often visit is closed for the day. Amane seems surprised, as if Ryuuji actually suggested something deeper. However, Ryuuji denies having any ulterior motive.

A Meaningful Dinner

As evening approaches, the two friends enjoy a meal together. Amane expresses his happiness at sharing a meal with people around him. It’s during this moment that Ryuuji reveals his true feelings, acknowledging how Amane’s mention of him at his father’s shrine helped alleviate some of his worries. Ryuuji expresses his heartfelt gratitude towards Amane.

Episode Review: Building Anticipation

With only two episodes remaining, the plot of “If It’s With You” continues to unfold at a brisk pace. This episode focuses predominantly on the blossoming friendship between Ryuuji and Amane. Ryuuji views Amane as a genuinely good friend, but we are left wondering how he will respond to Amane’s confession.


In episode 3 of “If It’s With You,” we witness the characters of Ryuuji and Amane grow closer through their shared academic pursuits. The episode leaves us filled with anticipation, eager to see how their relationship will develop further. Will Ryuuji and Amane’s friendship evolve into something more? Tune in to the next episode to find out.

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