I Woke Up a Vampire – Season 1 Episode 3 “Mirror Mirror” Recap & Review

Welcome to the exciting world of “I Woke Up a Vampire,” where the supernatural clashes with everyday life. In Season 1, Episode 3, titled “Mirror Mirror,” we are plunged deeper into the mysterious world of Vamplings and their adversaries. In this article, we will provide a recap and review of this episode, highlighting the key moments and shedding light on the intriguing plot developments. So grab your stakes and join us on this thrilling journey!

Learning From Comics: Kev’s Quest for Knowledge

Our episode begins with Kev, the protagonist, engrossed in his studies. Determined to protect his closest friend, Carmie, he reads through comics in a quest to learn more about Vamplings and their foes. We can already see Kev’s genuine concern for Carmie shining through, as he goes to great lengths to safeguard her.

A Hunter Lurks: Kev’s Warning to Carmie

Worried about Carmie’s safety, Kev interrupts her day with an urgent phone call. He implores her to be cautious and advises her not to use her powers under any circumstances. The stakes are high, and Kev wants to ensure that Carmie remains safe from harm.

Accidental Fang Reveal: A Close Call

While Carmie is having her picture taken, her fangs accidentally make an appearance. However, she quickly covers her mouth and manages to evade suspicion. Being a vampling, her image is too bright, and any slip-up could reveal her true nature.

Masked Brightness: Carmie’s Makeup Mishap

Upon arriving at school, Carmie presents a portrait that was taken before her vampling transformation. However, she realizes that her brightness still poses a risk. In an effort to conceal her true nature, she resorts to applying makeup in the dressing room. Will her efforts be enough to keep her secret hidden?

Scepticism and Shadows: Dylan’s Doubts

As Carmie continues to navigate her dual identity, her close friend Dylan becomes increasingly sceptical. Doubts cloud their relationship, adding an additional layer of tension to the episode. What will this mean for their bond, and how will it impact the overall narrative?

Kev’s Suspects: Tracking the Hunter

Meanwhile, Kev takes it upon himself to keep a keen eye on individuals whom he suspects may be the hunter. To organize his thoughts and clues, he creates a suspects board. This shows his determination to protect Carmie and reveals the high stakes of this supernatural conflict.

Dark Encounters: The Mystery Woman Emerges

Just when things seemed intriguing enough, a mysterious fanged woman pays a visit to a collector. Her appearance raises numerous questions and deepens the sense of mystery surrounding the Vampling world. Who is this woman, and what role will she play in the unfolding drama?

A Photo Shoot Secrets: Carmie’s Hidden Feats

As Carmie returns home, she shares the story of her successful photo shoot with Kev. In the face of danger, she managed to maintain her composure and hide her true self. However, her siblings inadvertently walk in on her, potentially putting her secret at risk. This cliffhanger ending leaves us eager to discover the consequences of this unexpected revelation.

Unanswered Questions and Undeveloped Plot

Although “Mirror Mirror” offers intriguing fantasy elements and introduces an enigmatic character, it falls short in terms of character arcs and plot development. Many questions are raised but left unanswered, and the overall narrative can feel muddled at times. Nonetheless, the episode leaves us curious to see where the show will take us next and how it will address these loose ends.


In Season 1, Episode 3 of “I Woke Up a Vampire,” titled “Mirror Mirror,” the story progresses with thrilling moments and enticing mysteries. Kev’s determination to protect Carmie, the accidental fang reveal, Carmie’s attempts to mask her brightness, Dylan’s growing doubts, and the emergence of the mysterious woman all contribute to a captivating viewing experience. Despite some plot inconsistencies, the episode successfully leaves us craving more. So, prepare yourself for the next episode and get ready for another dose of supernatural intrigue!

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