Helck – Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review

Welcome to the recap and review of Episode 15 of Helck Season 1, where the power of heroes is explored in depth. In this episode, we witness Helck infiltrating the Demon Lord’s castle and encountering Azudra, a demon who sheds light on the origin of monsters and the strained relationship between demons and humans. The episode also touches upon Helck’s childhood experiences and his growing skepticism towards humanity. Let’s delve further into the events of this thrilling episode.

Helck’s Encounter with Azudra

The episode begins with Helck’s daring infiltration into the Demon Lord’s castle, where he unexpectedly comes face to face with Azudra. A fierce battle promptly ensues as Helck questions Azudra about the demons’ involvement in spawning monsters. To Helck’s surprise, Azudra reveals that the demons are not responsible for the appearance of monsters, as they arise from the land itself. Azudra mentions that Demon Lord Thor should have informed their Hero about this matter, implying a lack of communication between the two sides.

Unraveling the Truth

Azudra explains that there has been a recent surge in monster activity within the human kingdom due to the humans’ siege on the castle. Hoping to mend relations with humanity, Azudra shares his desire to establish friendly ties once again. Helck, deeply moved by their heartfelt conversation, decides to inform someone with actual power about the situation. He presents Vermilio with a flier regarding a competition to select a new Demon Lord, suggesting that it could be a means to raise awareness among the people.

Reflections on the Past

In a poignant flashback, we witness Alicia, a noble soldier, berating one of her subordinates for negligently opening the gates, leading to the tragic death of many mercenaries and soldiers. As Helck observes the crowd hurling rocks at them as a form of punishment, he bravely stands up for his fellow demon slaves. Grateful for his defense, the demon slaves express their gratitude towards Helck, mentioning that a fellow comrade named Cless had also stood up for them. However, their moment of respite is interrupted by the arrival of Mr. Raphaed, who warns Helck that demons will always take advantage of his kindness and categorizes them as inherently evil beings.

Helck’s Internal Dilemma

As the episode progresses, we witness Helck grappling with trust and uncertainty. The conflicting information from Azudra and Mr. Raphaed leaves him torn between his own experiences and the differing perspectives presented to him. Given Helck’s traumatic childhood and the atrocities he witnessed from the kingdom, it is only natural for him to harbor curiosity and resentment towards humanity. This internal struggle adds depth to Helck’s character and keeps viewers intrigued about the choices he might make in the future.

The Unraveling Mystery

The episode concludes on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers pondering the reasons behind Cless’s return from battle in a deplorable state. The implications of the warrior’s conversation with Helck and Edil potentially shed further light on the complexities of the ongoing conflict and further fuel Helck’s growing skepticism towards humanity. The upcoming chapters promise to unravel this mystery and provide more insight into Helck’s evolving perspective.


Episode 15 of Helck Season 1 explores the power of heroes as Helck navigates through a world filled with complexities, betrayals, and unanswered questions. The encounter with Azudra, coupled with Helck’s poignant childhood memories, serves as a catalyst for his shifting beliefs and doubts about humanity. The episode successfully engages viewers through its intriguing storyline and leaves them eagerly awaiting the resolution of the unfolding events.

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