Goosebumps – Season 1 Episode 4 “Go Eat Worms” Recap & Review

In the fourth episode of Goosebumps, titled “Go Eat Worms,” we dive into the thrilling and eerie world of Lucas, a young boy who finds himself at the center of terrifying events after consuming a mysterious worm. This recap and review will explore the spine-chilling moments and character developments that make this episode a must-watch for Goosebumps fans.

The Booms of Doom

The episode begins with Lucas eagerly preparing for an event known as the Booms of Doom. However, just as he is about to set off, he has a change of heart and decides to join his friends on a different adventure. Before leaving, Lucas captures a peculiar picture with his camera, unaware of the chilling discovery it holds.

Friction between Friends and Family

As the children interact with their parents, tensions arise due to recent incidents. Margot, Lucas’ friend, is oblivious to the ongoing conflicts and suggests seeking her father’s guidance. Curious about the morning’s picture, Lucas shows it to Margot, and they are both devastated to see their parents together. Overwhelmed by the revelation, Lucas experiences a wave of nausea, but offers to walk Margot home. However, Margot declines, leaving Lucas confused and alone.

Lucas’ Mysterious Transformation

As Lucas walks away, his stomach starts growling, indicating that something is not quite right. Suddenly, he runs off, fueled by an unknown force. Concerned for his well-being, Margot follows him, eventually catching up. Lucas opens up, expressing his feelings of numbness and confusion. Unfortunately, their conversation is overheard by Isaiah, who doesn’t hesitate to spread gossip and mock Lucas. Feeling humiliated, Lucas decides to retreat.

A Desperate Plan

Lucas, consumed by a mixture of fear and determination, drags his bike up the stairs to the rooftop. The weight of his secret burden is visible, as he hatches a desperate plan. He reveals to Isaiah that he is leaving for the Booms of Doom, further shattering his own fragile emotional state. With a heavy heart, Lucas heads towards an abandoned warehouse, with his mother in tow.

Confronting the Worm Monster

Inside the warehouse, Lucas confronts the worm monster, which is the result of the worm he consumed. He instructs his mother to start the crusher, realizing that it’s the only way to keep the monster engaged. In this thrilling climax, Lucas battles the worm monster while the crusher slowly descends upon them.

Episode Review

“Go Eat Worms” is a pivotal episode in the first season of Goosebumps, seamlessly blending suspense, mystery, and emotion. The storyline takes an unexpected turn, revealing Lucas’ sensitive nature, contrary to his initial portrayal. The episode successfully builds tension and keeps the viewers engaged throughout.


“Go Eat Worms” is a memorable episode that showcases the unique storytelling style of Goosebumps. It explores the complexities of friendship, family dynamics, and the unexpected consequences that arise from curiosity. This episode serves as a reminder to always be cautious of the choices we make, as they can lead down a dangerous path.

So, be prepared to be captivated by the chilling tale of Lucas and his encounter with the worm monster in this intriguing episode of Goosebumps.

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