Goosebumps – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Cuckoo Clock of Doom” Recap & Review

In the third episode of Goosebumps, titled “The Cuckoo Clock of Doom,” James finds himself trapped in a mysterious time loop after an encounter with a cuckoo clock. This recap and review will delve into the intriguing events of this episode and provide an analysis of its storyline and themes.

The Mysterious Cuckoo Clock

The episode kicks off with James accidentally banging his head against the cuckoo clock, setting off a series of bizarre events. He soon discovers that every time he hits his head on the clock, he is transported back to the same moment, reliving it again and again. James becomes increasingly alarmed and seeks help from his friend Isaiah.

Reliving the Party

James repeats his experiences at a party, leading to an interesting conversation with his acquaintance, Sam. As they converse about Arsenal, their bond deepens and they share a passionate moment. However, James’s determination to break free from the time loop leads him to destroy the cuckoo clock before he leaves the party.

Escaping the Time Loop

By destroying the clock, James frees himself from the time loop and spends quality time with Sam. However, their newfound happiness is short-lived when Isabelle accidentally hits James with a cue ball, causing him to transform into slime. Isabelle’s mother takes her home, leaving James bewildered.

Searching for a Solution

Meanwhile, Isabelle witnesses James in her backyard and apprehensively grabs a bat. Isaiah and Margot discuss the peculiar events and resolve to find a solution. Meanwhile, James discovers tools in a pit, which he uses to construct a ladder in an attempt to escape. Regrettably, his efforts are in vain as the ladder collapses.

Into the Dark Mine

Isaiah, Margot, and Isabella follow the duplicate James, known as “the duplicate,” into a mine. The duplicate starts a train, which begins moving towards them. However, another James emerges, claiming to be the real one, and leads them through another tunnel. Tragically, the tunnel door closes, separating the girls from the boys.

Battling the Duplicates

In order to reunite, the girls and boys engage in a fierce battle against the duplicate versions of James. Armed with sticks, they clash, causing the duplicates to explode into slime. The pressure builds as Margot is encouraged to confront her mother about the situation.

The Mysterious Suitcase

As tensions rise, a duplicate arrives with a suitcase. However, Mr. Bratt eliminates him when he realizes it does not contain what he is seeking. The episode ends on a thrilling cliffhanger, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next installment.


“The Cuckoo Clock of Doom” is a captivating episode of Goosebumps that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. With its intriguing time loop concept and suspenseful storyline, it provides an entertaining and thrilling viewing experience. The episode explores themes of time manipulation, the consequences of actions, and the importance of finding solutions in difficult situations. Stay tuned for the next episode to unravel the mysteries that lie ahead in the twisted world of Goosebumps.


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