Gen V – Season 1 Episode 6 “Jumanji” Recap & Review

In the sixth episode of Gen V, titled “Jumanji,” the story takes a thrilling turn as Cate’s true intentions are revealed. This recap and review provide a detailed overview of the episode, highlighting key moments and character developments.

The Return of Memories

The episode begins with Cate returning everyone’s memories that she had previously erased. However, Andre, harboring a deep distrust towards Cate, confronts her. He claims that the thunder in the sky is a result of Cate’s blood vessels exploding, and in a shocking turn of events, they all get struck by lightning and are forced to leave.

Unraveling Secrets at the Drive-In

Amidst the chaos, Emma finds solace in visiting the drive-in theater, where she meets Sam. Despite it being Sam’s first time, their encounter escalates quickly, leading to an intimate moment between them. As they bond, they witness Indira comforting Emma and offering her pills to ease the troubling sounds in her head.

Surprising Meeting in the Classroom

Suddenly, the group finds themselves transported to a classroom where they first meet Cate and Luke. In this reality, they become fast friends. However, things take a dark turn when Luke attempts to shoot Andre but accidentally hits Dusty instead. To their dismay, they realize that their powers are not working.

Seeking Refuge in Brink’s Office

Fleeing from the classroom, the friends seek refuge in Brink’s office. As tensions rise, Brink bursts in and puts a mask on Luke, causing him to fall unconscious. Meanwhile, Emma and Sam find comfort in each other’s company, enjoying a much-needed respite from the chaos.

Unveiling the Truth and a Disturbing Scene

Upon Luke’s awakening, Cate hesitantly steps forward and wipes his memory, putting him back to sleep. When they enter another room, they are confronted with a blood-covered bathroom and Cate’s sister sitting in the corner. Suddenly, Cate herself appears, and a confrontation ensues. In an attempt to protect Cate, Emma steps between her and Luke, pleading for trust.

Questioning Cate’s Intentions

They question Cate about Indira’s intentions and the children who are locked up in the basement. However, Cate claims to have limited knowledge about the situation, adding to the mystery and intrigue surrounding her character. As the scene shifts, Dr. Cardoza urgently contacts Indira to inform her of Betsy’s tragic death due to an increased dose of the virus.

Recap and Review

The sixth episode of Gen V, “Jumanji,” delves deep into Cate’s mind and reveals her involvement in wiping the memories of the group. Her actions, including a shocking attack on Marie, leave the audience on edge, eagerly awaiting further revelations and character development.


“Jumanji” is a captivating episode that intensifies the mystery and intrigue surrounding Cate and her motives. With unforgettable moments, unexpected encounters, and shocking revelations, this episode keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. As the first season of Gen V progresses, the tension rises as the characters navigate through a world filled with uncertainty and danger.

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