Frasier (Revival) Episode 3 “First Class” Recap & Review


In the third episode of the Frasier revival, titled “First Class,” we see our beloved protagonist, Frasier Crane, navigating his new job as a professor at Harvard University. The episode kicks off with Frasier and his son, Freddy, in their new apartment, where Frasier becomes preoccupied with his outfit for his first day at Harvard. Meanwhile, Freddy assists Eve, Frasier’s girlfriend, as she prepares for an upcoming acting role.

Frasier’s Advice and Distractions

As Frasier settles into his role as a professor, he finds that the students are more interested in seeking his advice rather than focusing on their studies. Due to Frasier’s long-running stint as a television show host, one student even seeks his guidance about confronting her cheating boyfriend. Frustrated by the lack of dedication shown by these students, Frasier interrupts the class, requesting anyone who isn’t there to learn to leave immediately. Surprisingly, quite a few students take this opportunity to exit the lecture.

Frasier’s Moment of Doubt

After the disappointing lecture, Frasier returns home feeling dejected and contemplates quitting Harvard altogether. Freddy playfully teases his father, reminding him of the judgment he faced when he dropped out of Harvard himself. Frasier’s boss, Olivia, expresses her dissatisfaction with his first lecture and decides to involve another colleague, Alan, to assist with the next one.

A Nostalgic Lecture

In the subsequent lecture, Alan co-hosts with Frasier, and the atmosphere takes an unexpected turn. As Frasier enters the classroom, he is greeted by the theme tune from his old television show, “Dr. Crane,” and the room is set up to resemble the set of his sitcom. The students cheer him on as if they were his live audience. However, Frasier is dismayed by the lack of seriousness and realizes that he is not being taken seriously as a professor.

Striking a Balance

Frasier seeks Olivia’s help and convinces her to attend his next lecture, hoping to bring the focus back to education and serious discussion. After the lecture, Olivia reveals that she was a fan of his television show and suggests that Frasier needs to find a balance between fun and educational content to keep his students engaged.

Episode Review

“First Class,” the third episode of the Frasier revival, provides viewers with some hilarious moments as Frasier embarks on his new role as a professor. The episode successfully portrays the challenges faced by Frasier as he tries to transition from a serious psychological show host to a professor at Harvard. The highlight of the episode is the comical scene where Frasier showcases clips from his old show to his colleague, Alan.


With the initial setup out of the way, the third episode of the Frasier revival, “First Class,” delivers a delightful and humor-filled storyline. Frasier’s struggles to establish himself as a respected professor at Harvard add a layer of depth to the character’s journey. As the audience, we are left eagerly anticipating the next episode, eager to see how Frasier will navigate the complex world of academia and find a balance between entertainment and education.

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