Frasier (Revival) Episode 2 “Moving In” Recap & Review


In the second episode of the Frasier revival, titled “Moving In,” we see Freddy, Frasier’s son, still sleeping on the sofa in his and Eve’s apartment, despite the upcoming move to Frasier’s new apartment. As Freddy is woken up by the crying baby and the repetitive “Baby Shark” song from the baby swing, he contemplates taking a baseball bat to it but refrains. Meanwhile, Frasier learns that Freddy is concerned that Eve doesn’t want him to move out. However, it turns out that Eve is actually looking forward to him moving out due to his snoring and other habits.

David, Frasier’s dainty nephew, assists Freddy in moving all his belongings into Frasier’s new apartment. Frasier questions why Freddy’s fellow firefighters couldn’t help, but David gladly steps in. Frasier expresses disappointment that Freddy’s belongings don’t match the aesthetic he desires for his new apartment and encourages Freddy to place certain items in his room. However, he does ask Freddy for help in selecting a dining room table, trying to ease the blow.

When Frasier discovers that Freddy has replaced a dining room table with an air hockey table as a retaliation, he realizes that his son’s actions are passive-aggressive. Nevertheless, Frasier sits down at the table and enjoys his meal, during which Freddy passes the salt using one of the air hockey pucks. Frasier begins to settle into his new job at Harvard University and shares an office with Alan, seeking advice about his relationship with Freddy. Frasier recognizes that his dynamic with Freddy is akin to the one he had with his own father, Martin. Like Frasier, Freddy yearns for his father’s acceptance.

Eventually, Frasier and Freddy compromise on the apartment’s decor, and Frasier proudly displays the Fenway Park World Series dirt on his piano. However, in a humorous twist at the end of the episode, David pours the dirt into a nearby plant, bringing the episode to a close.


Episode 2 of the Frasier revival continues where the previous episode left off, placing the relationship between Frasier and Freddy at the forefront once again. This new series successfully captures the essence of the original show, delving into complex family dynamics with heart and wit. While Episode 2 may not reach the same level of excellence as its predecessor, it effectively continues to develop the characters and deliver comedic moments.

Kelsey Grammer and Nicholas Lyndhurst, who plays Freddy, share a particularly amusing scene in which Frasier unintentionally vents his frustrations about his son in front of a Boston Globe reporter. This interaction showcases the outstanding comedic timing and chemistry between the two actors.

As the series progresses, it remains clear that the revival is committed to exploring the intricate bonds found within families. The writers strike a balance between comedy and genuine emotional moments, allowing viewers to connect with the characters on a deeper level.

In conclusion, “Moving In” successfully moves the story forward while still maintaining the spirit of the original Frasier series. The strong performances, engaging storyline, and well-crafted humor make for a delightful episode that leaves audiences eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

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