Frasier (Revival) Episode 1 “The Good Father” Recap & Review

After a long wait of twenty years, Frasier Crane finally returns to our television screens in the highly-anticipated revival of the show. Episode 1, titled “The Good Father,” takes us on a journey as Frasier navigates his way through the aftermath of his father’s funeral and attempts to reconnect with his son. In this recap and review, we will delve into the storyline and share our thoughts on this first episode of the Frasier revival.

Reconnecting in Boston

The episode begins with Frasier arriving at the airport in Boston, having returned from his father Martin’s funeral in Seattle. He is greeted by Alan Cornwall, an old college friend who now teaches at Harvard. Frasier is not alone; Niles and Daphne’s son, David, has also accompanied him to the funeral. The dynamic between Frasier and his son Freddie seems strained as they drop by Freddy’s apartment.

Enter Eve

While Frasier is in Freddie’s apartment, they are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a woman named Eve. Frasier assumes she is Freddie’s girlfriend, and to avoid any awkwardness, Freddie goes along with the assumption. Intrigued, Frasier invites Freddie to dinner, hoping to spend some quality time together. However, Freddie declines the offer, leaving Frasier disappointed.

Unveiling the Truth

Curiosity gets the better of Frasier as he attends a guest lecture at Harvard. Olivia, the head of psychology, expresses her interest in having Frasier join the teaching staff permanently. In the meantime, Niles and David sneak baby David past Frasier, with Olivia pretending to be a private investigator. Frasier, aware of the ruse, begins to suspect that something is amiss.

Alan, Frasier’s old college friend, recognizes Eve as someone who works at the bar and has a baby with a firefighter. To Frasier’s surprise, the baby is not Freddie’s, and Eve is merely Freddie’s roommate. Overwhelmed with emotions, Freddie confesses that the baby, John, is the son of a firefighter who tragically died in a fire. Frasier learns that his father flew to comfort Freddie when his firefighter friend passed away.

A Fresh Start in Boston

The following day, Frasier surprises Freddie by showing up at his apartment with a bottle of champagne. He proudly announces that he will be staying in Boston, teaching full time at Harvard, and has even bought an apartment nearby. Unbeknownst to Freddie, the apartment purchased by Frasier is right across from Freddie’s building. Frasier proposes that Freddie moves in with him while Eve continues to reside in her place.

Review of the Episode

“The Good Father” serves as a perfect reintroduction to Frasier’s world after two decades. The episode seamlessly connects to the past, paying homage to the first-ever episode of Frasier titled “The Good Son.” It is refreshing to see Frasier back on our screens, and the shift in setting from Seattle to Boston adds a new dynamic to the show.

Despite the passage of time, the humor in this episode is on point. It strikes a balance between genuine funny moments and maintaining the classic Frasier charm. The chemistry between the characters is electric, even without the original supporting cast. Frasier’s attempts at reconnecting with his son make for compelling and heartwarming moments throughout the episode.

“The Good Father” successfully rejuvenates Frasier while maintaining the essence of the beloved original series. It leaves viewers excited and eager to dive deeper into the revival, with the promise of more laughter, heartwarming moments, and the exploration of Frasier’s new journey in Boston.


With the first episode of the Frasier revival, titled “The Good Father,” we witness the long-awaited return of the iconic character to our screens. Frasier’s attempt at reconnecting with his son while settling into Boston creates a captivating storyline. The episode strikes the right balance between humor, heartwarming moments, and the nostalgia that fans have been eagerly waiting for. As we embark on this new chapter with Frasier, we can’t help but anticipate what lies ahead in the rest of the revival series.

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