Everything Now – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


In this episode of “Everything Now,” the story takes a dramatic turn as Mia finds herself facing numerous challenges. The episode begins with Mia visiting Dr. Nell’s office, where she is less than honest about her adherence to the meal plan. Meanwhile, Alison appears distraught and tired, and Will seems upset and withdrawn. As the episode progresses, we witness a series of events that will test Mia’s resilience and bring the characters closer together. This article is a recap, review, and analysis of Episode 8 of “Everything Now,” delving into the complexities of the plot and exploring the emotional journey of the characters.

Mia’s Dilemma

At the start of the episode, Mia meets a woman at Dr. Nell’s office and strikes up a conversation. Despite putting on a brave face, Mia is haunted by thoughts of Jenna’s list of unfulfilled dreams. Her actions and emotions seem to point towards a state of internal turmoil. Viv, sensing that something is amiss, takes it upon herself to investigate further. While Mia is taking a shower, Viv searches her room, trying to find any clue about Mia’s secretive behavior. The question arises: where does Mia go after running away?

Mia’s Bond with Carli

During her time away, Mia spends time with Carli, and despite her reservations, she admits to feeling a sense of happiness and contentment. Mia acknowledges that even though she may not feel like she’s getting better, being on the right track towards healing is a small victory in itself. The complexity of Mia’s emotions is evident, highlighting the struggle she faces in her journey to recovery.

The Guilt of Cam

Cam, feeling shocked and guilty about not being there for Mia when she needed him, realizes the impact of his words when he called her a skunk. He takes responsibility for his actions and apologizes to Mia sincerely. This moment showcases the growth of Cam’s character, as he acknowledges his mistakes and shows remorse for his hurtful behavior.

Reconciliation and Love Confessions

Once Mia is found and brought back to the retirement home, an unexpected turn of events leads to a heartfelt moment between Cam and Becca. Cam confesses his love for Becca, demonstrating his emotional vulnerability and the depth of his feelings towards her. This scene adds a layer of romance and showcases the power of love amidst the chaos of life.

Will and Theo’s Relationship

As the search for Mia ensues, Will’s concern and fear for her well-being emerge. He admits to Theo that he is scared of intimacy, which sheds light on his own emotional struggles. Theo, understanding Will’s reservations, assures him that they can take their relationship slowly. This progress in their connection gives hope for a potential reconciliation and growth between the two characters.

Mia’s Gratitude and Recognition

In a touching moment, Mia finally realizes the significance of Theo’s presence in her life and expresses her gratitude for saving her from her darkest moments. She recognizes Theo as a great advisor and acknowledges the positive impact he has had on her journey to recovery. This scene is a testament to the power of friendship and support in overcoming personal struggles.


Episode 8 of “Everything Now” brings a mix of emotional moments and character development. Mia’s internal conflicts, Cam’s guilt and redemption, and the progress in Will and Theo’s relationship all contribute to the depth and complexity of the storyline. As the episode concludes, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the characters’ lives. “Everything Now” continues to captivate audiences with its relatable characters and compelling narrative, leaving a lasting impression on its viewers.

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