Everything Now – Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Relapse

In episode 7 of Everything Now, the story begins with Mia and her friends enjoying a trip to the movie theater to watch a horror film. However, things quickly take a turn for the worse when Cam, who has a crush on Carli, decides to confront her about their relationship status. As we can imagine, this doesn’t end well for Cam.

Meanwhile, Alison and Will approach Mia and insist on planning her birthday celebration. They invite her to join them, but she declines their offer and retreats to her room, skipping dinner. It’s clear that Mia is not in the mood for socializing.

While all this is happening, Cam overhears a conversation about Becca having a romantic encounter with her new boyfriend at the sports hall. This adds more fuel to the fire, intensifying the already complicated dynamics within the group.

Later on, Mia’s father surprises her with a thoughtful birthday gift. However, things take a sour turn when Mia discovers that Rick’s girlfriend had actually selected the gift. This disappointment taints Mia’s special day.

As the day progresses, Mia wakes up to birthday wishes from her loved ones. However, she can’t shake off the feeling of boredom, especially when it comes to planning a birthday lunch where some family members will be absent. This leads Mia to reflect on her father’s previous observation that something was amiss before her struggle with anorexia worsened.

In an attempt to make her birthday more memorable, Mia decides to tick off two items from her bucket list: dressing up and going clubbing. But as the night unfolds, Cam confronts Mia, accusing her of being a terrible friend who never checks up on him or shows concern for his family situation. Cam subtly alludes to an incident involving Mia and Carli, hinting at the underlying tensions that plague their friendship.

This confrontation forces Mia to confront the fact that her struggles and actions often lead to negative outcomes in her life. As she walks into the house, she recalls a past incident where her father found her unconscious beneath the stairs.

The Episode Review

As anticipated, the birthday party takes a chaotic turn, mirroring the tumultuous nature of Mia’s life. It is commendable that Cam calls out Mia for her self-centeredness. After all, how else could he express his frustrations? Furthermore, it is evident that Will needs to address his own mistakes and be honest with Theo about his feelings.

Episode 7 of Everything Now delves deeper into Mia’s personal struggles, highlighting the consequences of her actions and how they impact her relationships. The episode introduces conflicting dynamics within the group, as well as hinting at dark secrets and underlying tensions that threaten to unravel the already fragile connections between the characters.

As the story unfolds, viewers are left wondering how Mia will navigate the complexities of her life and whether she will be able to overcome the challenges that lay ahead. This episode serves as a reminder that our choices and actions have consequences, and that sometimes, in order to grow and mature, we must face the difficult truths about ourselves.


In conclusion, the seventh episode of Everything Now takes viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions as Mia’s birthday celebrations take a turbulent turn. The episode delves into the complex dynamics of friendship and the impact of personal struggles on relationships.

Mia is forced to reconcile with the consequences of her actions and her self-centered tendencies. The episode also hints at deeper secrets and unease within the group, leaving us curious about what lies beneath the surface.

As the series progresses, it becomes clear that Mia’s journey is about more than just overcoming her eating disorder. It is a story of self-discovery, facing personal demons, and learning to navigate difficult times. Episode 7 sets the stage for further character development and a deeper exploration of the challenges that Mia will face.

So, buckle up and get ready for more twists, turns, and emotional revelations in Everything Now.

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