Everything Now – Episode 6 Recap & Review

In the sixth episode of “Everything Now,” we delve deeper into the lives of the characters and explore the challenges they face amidst the backdrop of divorce. The focus shifts from Mia as we unravel the struggles of Alex, who yearns to navigate his adolescent life and deal with his parents’ separation on his own terms. This recap and review will analyze the significant events of the episode and provide insights into the characters’ development.

Alex’s Struggles

The episode opens with Alex seeking solace by smoking drugs on a bridge. It becomes evident that he is grappling with the pressures of being a good child amidst his parents’ impending divorce. Determined not to burden his parents any further, Alex maintains his grades but keeps his emotions hidden.

We learn about Alex’s crush on Issy, a girl he finds through mutual connections. It is through Issy that Alex discovers an exciting opportunity for an 8-week internship. However, his parents are preoccupied with their own troubles, leaving little room for him to express his interests and ambitions.

The Nude Picture Debacle

As the plot thickens, Issy sends Alex a nude photo, which becomes a turning point for him. Overwhelmed by the gesture, Alex allows his insecurities and lack of self-worth to cloud his judgment. He succumbs to the prank and sends his own nude photo, believing it would make him more desirable. This regrettable action only reinforces his feeling of insignificance in his parents’ eyes.

Prioritizing Mia Over Alex

Throughout the episode, Alex observes how his parents’ attention is primarily focused on Mia, his younger sister. Richard, their father, leaves to spend time with his new girlfriend, leaving Alex to deal with the aftermath of the divorce. Feeling neglected, Alex finds solace in Mia’s friend, Becca, who provides him with much-needed comfort and understanding.

Moments of Connection

In a heartwarming scene, Mia encourages Alex to open up about his feelings for Issy and suggests that he text her. This interaction showcases a welcomed shift from the narrative primarily revolving around Mia. It highlights the importance of allowing Alex to confront his emotions and navigate the challenges of his parents’ divorce in his own way.


In Episode 6 of “Everything Now,” Alex takes center stage as we witness his struggle to maintain his composure amidst his parents’ impending divorce. As a teenager caught in the crossfire, he yearns for the opportunity to be a child and deal with his emotions on his own terms. The episode leaves viewers questioning when Alex will receive the attention and support he needs during this challenging time.

Through Alex’s journey, we are reminded of the impacts divorce can have on children and the importance of giving them the space and understanding to process their emotions. “Everything Now” continues to deliver a compelling narrative filled with relatable characters, each navigating their own unique challenges in the face of adversity.

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