Everything Now – Episode 5 Recap & Review

In Episode 5 of Everything Now, we are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as Mia and her friends navigate the complexities of their relationships. From uncertain feelings to revelations of infidelity, this episode keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Let’s dive into the recap and review of this captivating episode.

Mia’s Dilemma

The episode begins with Mia and her friends on a train, setting the stage for the tangled web of relationships to come. Mia finds herself torn between her feelings for Alison and the anger she senses from her friend Will, who seems to have his eye on Theo. While Alison appears pleased with the direction their relationship is taking, Mia can’t shake off the feeling of something being off.

A Shocking Discovery

As Mia and Alison walk down the street hand-in-hand, an unexpected sight stops Mia in her tracks. She spots her mother with another man and instantly fears that her parents might be having an affair. The cozy bubble that Mia and Alison had created suddenly feels cold and uncertain.

Embracing Change

In an attempt to move past the weekend’s overwhelming events, Mia and Alison decide to head to the park in search of new potential romantic interests. The bonding between the friends continues, but everything takes a turn when Mia accidentally glimpses a message on her mother’s phone from a man named Keith. This discovery shakes Mia to her core and leaves her questioning the stability of her family.

Navigating Complicated Feelings

Despite the turmoil she experiences, Mia makes a heartfelt promise to herself not to push her mother, Becca, into making any uncomfortable decisions. She acknowledges the sacrifices her mother has made, caring for Mia and her sibling, while also juggling school and personal struggles. This moment of reflection leads to a happy kiss between Mia and Alison, showcasing the complexity of their evolving relationship.

Understanding and Disappointment

Mia’s disappointment in her mother’s actions is valid, and her friend Carli empathizes with her. As Carli and Cam walk away, Mia reflects on her feelings towards Alison. She realizes that although she may not feel the intense love she expected, perhaps Alison is what she needs at this moment in her life. Mia reaches out to apologize to Alison, showing growth and understanding in their relationship.

Secrets Unveiled

Further revelations unfold as Mia realizes that even her friend Alex knew about her parents’ impending divorce. Feeling left out and betrayed, she retreats to her room, where her friend Viv comforts her while Alex watches from a distance, filled with a sense of guilt and regret.

More to the Story

While it was no surprise that Mia and Becca had their differences and often argued, the truth goes beyond what meets the eye. The episode leaves viewers pondering who the other woman might be and how Rick, Mia’s father, came to know her. The complexity of the situation keeps the audience intrigued and eager for more.


Episode 5 of Everything Now takes us on an emotional journey through the intricacies of relationships. Mia’s conflicting feelings, the shocking discovery of her mother’s potential affair, and the unraveling of secrets deepen the storyline and captivate viewers. As the episode ends, we are left with questions lingering in the air, eager to discover what lies ahead for these characters.

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