Everything Now – Episode 4 Recap & Review

In the fourth episode of the series “Everything Now,” titled “Truth or Dare,” we join Mia as she wakes up in a mysterious bed, unsure of how she got there. As the episode unfolds, Mia and her friends engage in a game of truth or dare, leading to revelations, tensions, and unexpected moments. In this recap and review, we’ll delve into the events of this episode and analyze the impact they have on the storyline.

The Mysterious Awakening

The episode kicks off with Mia waking up naked on a strange bed, leaving her puzzled about how she ended up there. With a free class on the horizon, her friend Will suggests that she crosses something off her “fuck-it” list. Little did Mia know that this decision would spark a series of events that would challenge her perception of her friends and the truth they conceal.

Unraveling Deceit

As Mia settles into the house, she becomes increasingly aware that her friends are involved in a pattern of lying about their sexual encounters. This realization unsettles her, as she wonders why honesty and vulnerability seem to be in short supply within their group. The themes of trust and deception come to the forefront, creating tension among the characters.

Double Dip Drinking Game

To lighten the mood, the friends decide to play a drinking game called Double Dip. This game serves as a catalyst for chaos and dares. As they all get progressively drunk, inhibitions are lowered, and their actions become more reckless. Mia, fueled by the desire for an enthralling night, suggests inviting some schoolmates to join them. This decision sets the stage for further complications and emotional turmoil.

Consequences and Conflicts

Mia’s heavy drinking at the party raises concerns among her friends, particularly Carli. Carli expresses genuine worry, but Mia interprets it as pity and dismisses her with rudeness. Meanwhile, tensions rise between Becca and Mia, with Becca accusing Mia of selfishness and intentionally instigating drama by flirting with Cam. Becca also holds Cam responsible for revealing a secret to her parents that brought upheaval to her life.

The Unraveling of Relationships

Amidst the chaos, Becca confides in Mia about her growing feelings for Cam. Encouraged by Mia, Becca musters up the courage to confess her emotions. However, the aftermath of Mia’s gathering brings unexpected consequences, as Cam and Carli share a surprising kiss. This turn of events deeply affects Becca, who is left heartbroken and questioning the choices made.

Reflections on Friendships

As the episode concludes, Mia kicks everyone out and takes it upon herself to clean up the mess. This introspective moment prompts her to reflect on her role as a friend and a sister. She realizes the need to be more supportive and understanding, acknowledging the hurt that she inadvertently caused Becca. The episode leaves us contemplating the evolving relationships and the challenges faced by these complex characters.


In episode four of Everything Now, titled “Truth or Dare,” we witness the impact of a spontaneous decision on Mia and her friends. The game reveals truths, stokes conflicts, and tests the bonds of friendship. As the aftermath unfolds, we are left wondering how these characters will navigate the consequences of their actions. The episode offers a glimpse into the complexities of relationships and the power of honesty in the face of deception. Tune in to the next episode to unravel the ongoing drama in the lives of Mia and her friends.

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