Everything Now – Episode 3 Recap & Review

In the third episode of “Everything Now,” we witness a series of unexpected events and emotional struggles for Mia and the other characters. As the story unfolds, we delve into Mia’s complicated relationships, her pursuit of self-improvement, and the consequences of keeping secrets. Let’s dive into a recap and review of this captivating episode.

Mia’s New Hobby and Conflicting Emotions

Mia, our protagonist, embraces a new lease on life and believes that love can truly change everything. She finds herself adapting her daily routines to fit her new lover’s schedule, showcasing her willingness to explore new experiences. However, amidst her excitement and positive outlook, there’s a sense that Mia might be using her newfound love as a means to escape from her problems.

One notable aspect of Mia’s life is her dedication to staying fit. She feels compelled to work out after every meal, ensuring that she doesn’t allow the food to settle. While this habit showcases her discipline and commitment, we can’t help but question if it’s a healthy and sustainable approach to self-care.

Mia and Alison’s Unexpected Pairing

A pivotal moment in this episode occurs when Mrs. Von Shildegard, the drama coach, pairs Mia and Alison together for an impromptu scene on stage. This unexpected collaboration brings forth a dynamic interaction between the two characters, captivating the audience and highlighting their acting talents.

Becca’s Struggles and the Missed Session

Becca, another character in the series, is going through a tough time completing her projects. Her father, noticing her difficulties, reminds her about her session with Dr. Nell and insists that she attend after school. This shows the importance of seeking professional help and support when faced with challenges.

Will’s Lies and Offer of Fantasy

A surprising turn of events unfolds when the manager confronts Will about his lies. Although the details surrounding this lie remain unclear, it raises speculation and curiosity among the viewers. The manager offers to make Will’s fantasies a reality, tempting him with an intriguing proposition. However, to everyone’s surprise, Will turns down this tempting offer, leaving us wondering about his motives and what the future holds for his character.

Mia’s Family Dynamics

Mia returns home to find her father angry about her missed session and lying about eating her breakfast. This interaction reveals the strained relationship between Mia and her father, highlighting their differing opinions and the underlying tensions within their household. It also indicates the significance of open communication and honesty in maintaining healthy family dynamics.

Viv and Rick’s Disagreement

Viv, a close friend of Mia, takes a stand against Rick, who seems to be overreacting to the situation. This disagreement showcases the importance of friendship, loyalty, and different perspectives when it comes to supporting a loved one through challenging times.

Strained Relationship and Hidden Secrets

In a surprising twist, Cam and Becca decide to call off their relationship. Becca believes that it would be better to break up and keep their romance a secret from Mia and everyone else. This decision sets the stage for further complications, as secrets have a way of unraveling and impacting relationships.

Mia’s Past Revealed

To Mia’s dismay, she learns that Carli knows about her troubled past. This revelation leaves her feeling rejected and hurt despite her efforts to change and become a better person. It raises the question of how to move forward when faced with the consequences of one’s actions and the potential judgment from others.


The third episode of “Everything Now” takes viewers on an emotional journey, exploring the complexities of relationships, personal growth, and the repercussions of keeping secrets. Mia’s new hobby and conflicting emotions bring depth to her character, while unexpected pairings and strained relationships add an element of unpredictability to the storyline. As the series continues to unfold, we can’t help but anticipate the twists and turns that lie ahead for Mia and the other characters. Stay tuned for more captivating episodes.

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