Everybody Loves Diamonds – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Welcome to the recap, review, and ending explanation of “Everybody Loves Diamonds” Episode 8. In this gripping finale, we witness the culmination of all the events leading up to the big heist that has kept us on the edge of our seats. Join us as we delve into the intricate details of the episode and explore the fates of our beloved characters.

Leo’s Dilemma

The episode begins with Leo confined to his cell, contemplating his next move. He realizes the gravity of the situation and the crucial steps that have led him here. Determined to take control, Leo pays off one of the inmates to obtain a phone. He contacts Alberto, who overhears Sandra and Ghigo as they make their way to Antwerp with Anna and the diamonds.

Inspector Mertens in Danger

Meanwhile, things take a dangerous turn for Inspector Mertens. The Jain community, an integral part of Antwerp’s cultural fabric, threatens to leave the town entirely. This possibility sends shockwaves through the community, as their departure would be nothing short of a disaster. The Judge, feeling the mounting pressure, demands that Mertens resign immediately and leave Antwerp.

Leo’s Predicament

As Leo prepares to leave, Lovegrove reminds him that he remains their property until the diamonds are recovered. This reminder serves as a harsh reality check for Leo, fueling his determination to retrieve the precious gems. The question that looms large is, where are the diamonds? Leo gathers the group together to contemplate their next move and devise a plan regarding the diamonds’ fate.

The Decision

After careful consideration, the group reaches a consensus. They agree to return the diamonds to the World Diamond Centre (WDC) by placing them in safety deposit box number 103. Ghigo and Sandra take charge of executing this plan, disguising Ghigo as a man named Ezra Cohen. Anna, unwilling to stay behind, accompanies them on this crucial mission.

Leo’s Ordeal

In a cruel turn of events, Leo finds himself tied up to an electric chair and subjected to torture. He remains resolute, knowing that Ghigo and Sandra are the only ones with access to safety deposit box 103. Despite the intense pain, he manages to convince the big boss that he has indeed added an empty case to box 103. In reality, Leo has cleverly stashed the diamonds in another box, leaving the boss none the wiser.

The Final Twist

As the events unfold, Anna ventures into the WDC to retrieve the diamonds, while Leo makes his escape on his own. However, a perplexing question arises – where is Anna? Twenty years later, the loot remains missing, adding a layer of mystery to the story. Each character’s arc reaches a satisfying conclusion, yet the fate of the stolen diamonds remains an unsolved enigma.


In conclusion, “Everybody Loves Diamonds” Episode 8 delivers a thrilling and captivating finale, filled with unexpected twists and turns. We witness Leo’s determination, Inspector Mertens’ precarious situation, and the group’s unwavering loyalty. The unresolved mystery of the missing loot adds a sense of intrigue to the story, leaving us yearning for more. Stay tuned for more updates on this mesmerizing series.

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