Elite – Season 7 Episode 7 “Just Hug Me” Recap & Review

The seventh episode of Elite season 7, titled “Just Hug Me,” takes viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions and plot twists. From Omar’s nightmares to Isa’s growing distrust, this episode keeps fans hooked from start to finish. In this article, we will delve into the key moments and characters that shape this thrilling episode.

Omar’s Nightmare and Unexpected Actions

The episode kicks off with Omar having a haunting nightmare. Despite feeling conflicted about their desires, Omar and another character end up engaging in a passionate encounter. However, this decision leaves the other person upset, and Omar justifies their actions as being for their own good. This scene sets the stage for the complex emotional dynamics to come.

Isa’s Struggles with Trust and Deception

Roberta approaches Isa and reveals that they have incriminating information on Duran. Additionally, Roberta warns Isa about Didac, suspecting that he may be playing her. Frustrated with the growing lack of trust in her life, Isa vents her frustrations to Didac, expressing her difficulty in trusting anyone, especially considering the negative influence of her parents on her situation. This subplot adds a layer of suspense and uncertainty to the storyline.

Carmen’s Confrontation and Chloe’s Avoidance

Carmen attempts to confront Chloe about a certain matter, but Chloe deliberately avoids engaging in the discussion. This behavior leaves Carmen confused and frustrated. The strained relationship between these characters intensifies, leaving viewers wondering about the root cause of their conflict.

Eric’s Enthusiasm and Medication Worries

Eric’s overly enthusiastic behavior raises concern among his friends. He appears to be overly reliant on medication and portrays it as the ultimate solution to his problems. This worries one of his companions, who sees potential risks in Eric’s approach. The portrayal of mental health and its impact on individuals adds depth to the episode.

Isa’s Revelation and Luis’ Plan

Isa decides to reveal incriminating evidence against Duran to Didac. She shows him the documents which expose Duran’s involvement in baby trafficking. Meanwhile, Luis instructs Didac to capture photographic evidence of the documents. Didac takes a selfie with the documents to “clear the air,” but to his surprise, Sara discovers his actions through her fake account. This development creates tension and raises the stakes for the characters involved.

Raul’s Manipulation and Carmen’s Fury

Raul manipulates Carmen by advising her to leave Chloe alone for a while. Carmen, fueled by anger, confronts Raul about his interference, but he dismissively shuts the door in her face. This power struggle between Raul and Carmen showcases the complexities of their relationship and the lengths they are willing to go to assert dominance.

Joel and Omar’s Complicated Relationship

Dalmar confronts Joel, accusing him of being with Omar solely to keep him happy. Meanwhile, Joel reaches out to Ivan, eventually proposing a deal. Joel expresses his desire to be with Ivan and offers him two million in exchange for his cooperation. The complex dynamics between these characters raise questions about trust, motives, and the lengths they are willing to go for personal gain.


“Just Hug Me,” the seventh episode of Elite season 7, captivates viewers with its intricate plot twists and intense character interactions. From Omar’s nightmares to Isa’s revelation and the web of manipulations, this episode leaves audiences craving more. With each development, the story becomes more entangled, offering a compelling narrative for fans of the show.

As the season progresses, one can’t help but wonder about the fate of these characters and the consequences of their actions. Elite continues to deliver suspense, drama, and complex relationships that keep viewers eagerly anticipating each new episode. So, buckle up for an exciting ride as Elite season 7 unfolds, leaving us guessing what lies ahead.


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