Elite – Season 7 Episode 6 “Rock Bottom” Recap & Review

In the sixth episode of Elite season 7, titled “Rock Bottom,” we see the characters face various challenges and confrontations. The episode kicks off with Sara betraying and insulting Chloe, setting the stage for a series of dramatic events. This article will provide a recap of the episode, analyze its key moments, and offer insights into the character dynamics and plot developments.

Sara’s Betrayal and Chloe’s Ordeal

The episode begins with Sara’s shocking betrayal of Chloe. Sara throws Chloe under the bus and insults her, causing tensions between the two friends. This incident raises questions about loyalty and trust within the group of friends. Sonia, witnessing this exchange, approaches Omar and raises a thought-provoking question about helping bad people. The focus shifts to Chloe, as Dalmar reveals a court order to evict everyone from the building within ten days. Chloe finds herself caught in the middle of the chaos.

Dalmar’s News and Isa’s Defense

Dalmar arrives on the scene and delivers the news of the impending eviction to Omar and Joel. He informs them that the building will be torn down. However, Isa steps in to defend herself and twist Dalmar’s arm. Although she successfully defends herself, her actions don’t go unnoticed. Martin attempts to intervene, but Isa dismisses him. Chloe overhears the conversation and becomes aware of the eviction threat.

Didac’s Revelation and Rocio’s Dilemma

Didac, unable to convince Isa to take action, confides in Rocio about her mother’s involvement in bribery. He shares the truth about Isa’s mother’s corrupt practices. This revelation raises questions about the characters’ values and their ability to stand up for what is right. As the tension builds, Chloe finds solace in alcohol and becomes visibly intoxicated. Ivan grows concerned for her well-being.

Ivan’s Support and Eric’s Comfort

Chloe seeks solace in Ivan, who reveals that her mother is also his mother. He empathizes with Chloe and acknowledges Sara’s negative influence. Ivan provides support and decides to make an apology video to mend the strained relationship. However, he stops Chloe and expresses his desire to take things slow and do the right thing. Meanwhile, Eric notices Chloe’s distress and offers comfort. Eric wrestles with feelings of abandonment, fearing that one day even Nico, his closest ally, will leave him.

Didac’s Breakup and Dalmar’s Reversal

Didac, burdened by the situation, decides to break up with Isa. He believes the action is unnecessary, considering the circumstances. The following day, Dalmar delivers joyous news to Joel and Omar — the eviction has been reversed. The characters find a glimmer of hope in their seemingly dire situation. The episode ends with questions surrounding manipulation, power dynamics, and Raul’s well-being.


In “Rock Bottom,” the sixth episode of Elite season 7, the characters face challenging situations that test their loyalty, integrity, and resilience. Sara’s betrayal, Chloe’s eviction threat, and the uncovering of corrupt practices create a web of tension and uncertainty. The episode explores themes of trust, friendship, and the consequences of one’s actions. As the season progresses, viewers are left wondering about the true motives behind certain characters’ actions and the future trajectory of their relationships. Elite continues to deliver gripping storylines and complex character dynamics, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the next episode.

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