Elite – Season 7 Episode 5 “The Family” Recap & Review

In episode 5 of Elite season 7, titled “The Family,” we are thrown into a whirlwind of emotions and secrets. The episode begins with Omar advising Dalmar not to inform Joel about something. Joel, on the other hand, seems unconcerned and decides to crash on the couch until he finds his own place. As tensions rise, friendships are tested, and unexpected revelations come to light, the dynamics within the Elite universe continue to captivate viewers. Let’s dive into the recap and review of this intriguing episode.

Omar and Joel’s Conversation

The episode kicks off with Omar urging Dalmar to keep a secret from Joel. The nature of the secret is not immediately revealed, but we sense the importance it holds. Joel takes the news in stride, accepting his temporary stay on the couch until he can find a new place. This scene sets the stage for what is to come and sparks curiosity in the viewers’ minds.

Chloe and Ivan’s Relationship

As the episode progresses, we witness Chloe’s interactions with Ivan and the impact they have on the overall narrative. Carmen, noticing Chloe going to Sara’s place instead of spending time with Ivan, begins to wonder about their relationship. Her curiosity is piqued further when she overhears Chloe mentioning that Ivan is selling his house and Cruz’s belongings. This revelation adds an interesting layer to the story, leaving us eager to discover the reasons behind Ivan’s decisions and the potential complications it may cause.

The Isadora House Dilemma

At the Isadora House, Roberta and Martin engage in a conversation with Duran. The topic of discussion revolves around reopening the club under their ownership. However, Duran informs them that as long as the club bears their name, its doors cannot be reopened. This revelation sets the stage for a potential conflict, raising questions about the future of the club and its central role in the characters’ lives.

Isa’s Feelings of Betrayal

Meanwhile, upstairs, Isa eavesdrops on a conversation downstairs. She overhears Sara using their friendship for her own reputation and feeling used by her in the process. Emotionally shaken, Isa seeks comfort and solace in Raul, but their encounter takes an unexpected turn when Sara films them. This moment of vulnerability exposes Isa’s pain and highlights the complexities of relationships within the Elite universe.

Chloe and Sara’s Complicated Past

In a moment of vulnerability, Chloe finds herself in tears and seeks refuge in the bathroom. Sara, understanding the gravity of the situation, approaches Chloe, offering a chance to explain herself. She reveals that they were involved 18 years ago but suggests that it may have been a façade to dispel rumors about their sexuality. This revelation adds depth to their relationship, giving us insight into their shared history and the struggles they have faced.

Reflections and Thoughts

As the episode progresses, it becomes clear that the reputation plan executed by Sara and Chloe has not gone as intended. While Chloe’s promiscuity may be a part of her character, Sara fails to understand her true needs as a friend. The viewers are left hoping for a stronger bond and more authentic support between the two characters. Additionally, the bromance between Omar and Ivan offers glimpses of potential growth and further exploration, leaving us eager to witness their evolving dynamics.

The Growth of Isadora’s Storyline

Amidst the drama and relationship complexities, Isadora’s storyline begins to take an interesting turn in this episode of Elite season 7. We see progress and development in her character, hinting at potential future revelations and challenges she may face. This newfound growth adds depth and intrigue to the overall narrative, keeping viewers engaged and invested in Isadora’s journey.


“The Family,” episode 5 of Elite season 7, delivers an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with secrets, tension, and surprising revelations. From Omar and Joel’s conversation to Chloe and Sara’s complicated past, each storyline adds intrigue to the plot. Additionally, the growth in Isadora’s character and the potential conflicts at the Isadora House keep viewers on the edge of their seats. As the season progresses, we anticipate further exploration of these storylines and eagerly await the next episode’s arrival.

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